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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, March 23, 2006

Aunt Ruckus speaks

Does this mean massa doesn't love me any

Huh? I can't believe LaShawn Barber is just this fucking stupid

I’ve thought about writing articles (and maybe a book) in defense of the Southern Strategy, and I’m similarly inclined to write an op-ed opposing the idea of pardoning people who violated segregation laws (also see this story) back in the day.

Maybe this is why I get hate mail. After all, such ideas are “dangerous.” Whites with sinister motives may use such op-eds and blog posts as material to support their “racist” positions, so I’m told.

Back in the day, whites were afraid that slaves would be exposed to “dangerous” ideas, too, like dignity, humanity, the pursuit of knowledge, and…freedom. Radical. The freedom to think critically and for oneself can be as radical. It may result in an epidemic of knowledge and reasoned debate, and we all know how dangerous that would be. :?

Speaking of critical thinking, I don’t do it often enough myself (news flash!). Sometimes I rant, allowing emotions to take over. I try not to make a habit it, though. Then again, I certainly don’t want to take a Spock-like approach to life. As with everything else, there is a balance. But I digress.

Government-mandated, race-based discrimination may have been hideous, but it was the law of the land, just as child killing is today. (Supreme Court strikes again!) Of course, there’s the issue of man’s law v. the moral law, but why quibble?

For you youngsters in the audience, killing babies was once against the law. (It still is only if the mother wants the fetus.) Those days were known as the “Dark Ages.” Today, enlightened Americans on the Supreme Court decided that women ought to have a right to kill their unborn. Times sure a-change, alright. Yes, indeedy! Next thing you know, government-mandated, race-based discrimination in reverse will be the law of the land.

Come to think of it, it already is. Times sure a-change, alright.

I’ll get back to you on the pardon topic…

Posted by La Shawn @ 3:09 pm
Filed under: General

Oh, here is her Southern Strategy post

I’m giving serious thought to preparing a proposal for a page turner of a book called, In Defense of the Southern Strategy: The Case for the Appeal to States’ Rights During the Civil Rights Movement.

I bet it would be hotter than In Defense of Internment: The Case for ‘Racial Profiling’ in World War II and the War on Terror, by Michelle Malkin (reviews and critiques).

I’d be vilified, of course, and 20 death threats a day would be the norm. But what press such a book would generate, especially written by a black woman! I’d have to start small with a series of well-researched articles first.

One of the myths I want to bust wide open is that the old Dixicrats disbanded and joined the Republican party en masse. I know there’s a story there, just waiting for somebody to tell it. I want to show Americans who weren’t alive then or too young to remember that it’s not only untrue, but a fable Democrats came up with to try to cover up their own embarrassing history and keep blacks dependent on a large, bureaucratic, central government (see Why Courting the Black Vote Won’t Work).

To be “fair and balanced,” I’ve included a Wikipedia entry that’s hopelessly biased against conservatism and two articles biased toward the right:

Posted by La Shawn @ 6:57 am
Filed under: When I find time...

I guess she's waiting for white Jesus as well. In defense of your own subjugation. Cool.

Anyone this stupid, um, Ken Mehlman apologized for this and just this week Paul Weyrich questioned the ability of the GOP to support blacks, is going to be insulted and abused as she was the first day of Ass Clown Media. If she didn't get it then, she never will.

posted by Steve @ 12:01:00 AM

12:01:00 AM

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