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Comments by YACCS
Friday, February 10, 2006

Your conservatives at work

Among the featured guests at CPAC, a
Minutemen rally has sent undercover teams to the hatefest which is CPAC. This is the highlights of the wingnutfest. We'll bring more tomorrow.

Conventioneer and Conventionette, the undercover bloggers, are back.

Following the success of our undercover reporting of last summer's College Republican National Convention, Campus Progress is once again braving the inner depths of conservative confabs and reporting undercover from inside this weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

We're getting some good quotes, some interesting pictures, some creepy swag, and some great highlights no one else is covering. In fact, just now our bloggers put up a new post about an incident that will likely NOT be included on the CPAC official highlight reel: an attendee of the conference, and a member of the log cabin Republicans, stood up to the homophobic Family Research Council during a speech about "the homosexual agenda."

Here’s an example of what they’ve reported so far:

“Chris Simcox, president of the infamous gun-toting Minutemen, tried to convince us that all he really cares about is helping immigrants--his organization's armed vigilante defense of the Mexican border is really an effort to help Mexican families, etc. Fortunately, I've not been here long enough to buy that, nor have I been brainwashed enough yet to believe his claim that "there are WMDs coming across [American] borders every night." Keep trying, Chris! Maybe sometime soon this "Conservative Pride" sticker will start seeping into my skin and I'll suddenly recognize the need to deport the 2 million some immigrants working in the US.”

“The Right Honorable Rick Santorum was set to speak ... What followed was his heartwarming speech on the importance of family values and a story about the cold-heartedness of Sen. Hilary Clinton (who, coincidentally, was quite the high-profile target today), which the crowd loved. Finally, he made what was perhaps my favorite part of his speech. Sen. Santorum began talking about the importance of children being raised by "stable" families. A "stable" family, he argued, is one that included, among other things, the sanctity of marriage in the form of a union between a man and a woman. I was a little perplexed at this point because I didn't know that gay marriage had anything to do with the 50% divorce rate in this country.”

“We arrived to the impassioned words of Congressman Tom Tancredo, who was getting fairly riled up over immigration and the tendency of America to do things to appease the international community and not our best interests, quipping "And by the way--GOD BLESS DENMARK." Indeed.”

posted by Steve @ 8:43:00 PM

8:43:00 PM

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