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Monday, February 06, 2006

What about the mistresses?

Best friends forever, or until indictment

This is from Media Matters

Matthews, responding to assessment that Giulani is "very strong in South Carolina": "Music to my ears. Because I think that too"

On the February 5 broadcast of the NBC-syndicated The Chris Matthews Show, host Chris Matthews responded to syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker's assessment that prospective Republican presidential candidate and former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani "has a big following in the South" and is "very strong in South Carolina" by saying, "Music to my ears. Because I think that too." Parker was responding to a question from Matthews, who declared that Parker "judge[s] a person by their genuineness. Are they really what they say?" and asked, "Can Rudy sell in this religious environment in the South?"

From the February 5 broadcast of the NBC-syndicated The Chris Matthews Show:

MATTHEWS: Kathleen, it's incredible. You -- I've said on this show many a time -- that you judge a person by their genuineness. Are they really what they say? Can Rudy sell in this religious environment in the South?

PARKER: I think he can. Rudy has a big following in the South. He's very strong in South Carolina, for instance. And I've got --

MATTHEWS: Music to my ears. Because I think that too.

PARKER: And I've got something to tell you that's news to me too. I just learned this -- that abortion, the pro-life position, is no longer the litmus test, in South Carolina at least --

MATTHEWS: What is?

PARKER: -- it used to get the crowds -- it's national security.

MATTHEWS: And he's got that.

PARKER: Yes, and he's got it in spades.

So, him handing off a $250K job to one mistress and then humiliating his wife on mother's day is cool?

What about living with the gay couple?

His draft dodging?

His father's mafia's ties?

John McCain lost because his adopted daughter was too dark. Besides the fact that Bush has no love of Giuliani, I doubt the conservatives of the good state of South Carolina will understand abandoning your family to move in with a gay couple so you can be with your mistress.

And we aren't even to Bernie Kerik, yet.

posted by Steve @ 7:09:00 PM

7:09:00 PM

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