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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Weak candidates

The best of a weak bunch

While Ken Blackwell now holds a 10 percent lead in the Ohio GOP primary, the weakness of his fundie-appealing campaign will be quickly exposed.

Black Republicans are running candidates who will simply wilt in the general election. It is easy to find the odd token negro to run, but it is hard to find the experienced candidate to challenge established Dems.

In many ways, it is the height of cynicism. Throw up a black face and hope people ignore their politics and experience.

We saw this last week with Michael Steele comparing stem cell research to the Holocaust, in a campaign where he refuses to otherwise take stands. Steele seems not to realize his refusal to say anything will be used by the black pols who hold him in withering contempt to attack his character and trustworthiness.

Then you have Lynn Swann, who is going to be eviserated by Ed Rendell. Rendell is the real deal, he's a solid pol who has the mayor of Philadephia in his pocket. Vague generalities will not do against a hard core pol like Rendell. Keith Olbermann asked him about a dredging dispute with New Jersey and he was mute.

Smiling and saying you're a football hero in a state where half the people hate you for just that reason, will not work.

He's gonna be surprised at how little traction he has with black voters.

Keith Butler is running in Michigan to replace Debbie Stabnow? Wow, he has no chance. besides being a wingnut, Michigan's racial history is pretty grim. Hell, he hasn't even got the majoprity of votes in his megachurch. I can't exactly see Oakland County or the UP turning out to elect him.

So what is the gameplan here? Why send so many weak black candidates to run for office?

Because it gives the illusion of inclusion and the attempt to break the democratic stranglehold of black voters.

The problem is that none of these people have any character. Blackwell is amazingly cocky, thinking of the White House, when many of the same people smiling in his face will forget to vote for him.

These candidates don't have the experience to go up against established Democratic politicians, yet they're being tossed out like sacrifical lambs so Ken Mehlman can say the GOP embraces black candidates. long as they don't have any chance of winning.

posted by Steve @ 11:21:00 AM

11:21:00 AM

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