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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

We just don't care what you think

Bush speaking before a group of Republicans

Redstate Racists

I don't throw around the racist word very often, because to me it is a very very serious charge. But there's no other way to say it; this right-wing blogger 'Blanton' at Redstate is racist, and all the commenter freaks nodding in frothing agreement to his screed seem mighty close as well. I've deconstructed his post on King's funeral, but you really don't need much analysis to see what this guy's getting at. The title is as follows:

With Regard To Today's Funeral Political Rally

Why is it that we have to accept the Pantheon of the Left and see their funerals televised -- from Wellstone to Mrs. King?

Our funerals? I thought King was a national hero? I thought the civil rights struggle was a national struggle? Both Bush's showed up for this national hero.

Why is it that those who participate in these funerals feel compelled to turn a solemn, religious event into a Def Comedy Jam spectacle of anti-Republican, anti-conservative boilerplate "known facts" and demands for handouts?

Def Comedy Jam? Demands for handouts? Wow, that's some coded language.

To borrow another contributor's phrase -- the media and the left treat the Jesse Jacksons of this country and the Jesse Jacksons of the Middle East with respect, compassion, and understanding. Those of us who work hard for a living to provide for our families, humbly go to church, and try to do unto others as we would have them do unto us see our values, our lifestyles, our beliefs, and our Lord ridiculed and bashed on television, the cover of Rolling Stone, and in the mainstream media.

Note the seething resentment, the hatred of those at the funeral celebrating the life of one of this country's greatest heros.

I also think I have a clearer understanding of why the culture of so many black Americans in this country is below what it should be and is capable of being.

Oh do you? That's so nice.

The prominent black spiritual leaders, like Joseph Lowery, are more interested in subsidization from The Man than salvation from the Lord.

And people wonder why we connect the hatred of the civil rights movement and the legacy of segregation to Reagan's lies about 'welfare queens.'

I think the country has moved past this. The right-wing though is clearly a hotbed of racism and anger.

I like Matt, but he needs to realize something: we already knew this. Katrina was a race hate festival and this just makes it clear that the GOP offers only opposition or tokenism to black people.

I mean, this silly bastard thinks black people give a fuck what he thinks. I can assure you, no promise you, they could give a fuck about his opinions. As if he doesn't cower when he sees black teenagers.

We know the GOP is filled with racists. We just enjoy when they prove it to us.

posted by Steve @ 2:22:00 PM

2:22:00 PM

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