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Sunday, February 12, 2006

We have a blizzard

When it was pretty

When people woke up

No driving today

A lot of snow

New York is now experiencing a massive snowstorm with up to 22.8" of snow. The chat shows aren't airing, as the local news becomes weather central. There's even been lightning. This is the second largest snowstorm in New York's history.

The thing about winter snowstorms is that they change the character of the city, making the ugly beautiful, everything gets a nice white sheen. Of course, without a set of skis, getting around isn't all that easy, especially with 20" inches of snow.

If you come from a warm climate, you have no idea of what that means. Snow may be pretty, but it is heavy and wet in a way you cannot imagine. It clings to you and walking, well, slippery sand comes to mind.

This storm was weird in that the city got the bulk of it while upstate got lesser amounts, usually it's the reverse, with the water blocking the worst effects.

When you turn on the TV, and snow is the perfect TV story, you see the hapless reporters standing in the snow, talking to the foolish or unlucky walking around. You can barely see the reporters on TV. The snow wasn't a surprise, but the amount, especially the one falling in the city, was. They have a picture of Hoboken, which looks like a ghost town

However, while the snow is falling, the city does not look better, like a woman in her wedding gown.

Of course, being that this is the kind of day where you stay inside and cook.

Silly me, I made chili, real texas red, no beans or tomatoes, on Friday. Today is chili day. But I'll cope. I wish I had some split pea soup on hand, but Jen hasn't made that second batch yet. So I went for the breakfast burrito and some Irish Breakfast tea. But I have soup, and cold cuts, so I can have a nice wintery lunch. I assume Jen will wake up at some point and make coffee, then play Deer Hunter or something on the PS2.

So I wonder how you're spending the snow day and what comfort food you're cooking up.

Jen here. Yes, I had originally intended to tag up one or two stories, pick up my laundry, take a few loads of crap downstairs (trash, paper recycling, etc), have coffee, and play Deer Hunter on my PS2.

However, instead, I have spent most of today on the phone. As noted downthread, I am helping one of my best friends cope with his mother's funeral, scheduled for Valentine's Day. The logistics of getting him, the body, and his pregnant wife up all at once (he and the casket are in Flordia, wife is in the DC area) has been daunting enough. Now, all this snow is fucking things up seriously, and he may not be able to get the casket--which is going as cargo on a different flight from his stepfather--up in time for the funeral. At the same time, I am also scrambling to get a lift out to said funeral in Long Island, and/or the shiva call in central Jersey. I have to tell my boss which day I'm going to be out, which is a minor but important thing on my end as well.

So, I've been on and off my cellphone, checking flights, laptop fired up, etc. since about 11 AM this morning when I got up. I've had coffee and a banana. Need to brush my teeth and shower.

Also got in a nice long call to Thomas in Berlin, just to touch base since I finally got a phone card again last night. If I stay up late enough tonight, I may call my best childhood friend in Japan.

Instead of cooking, I have realized that I have to start eating the stuff in my freezer to make more room. Had the end of some frozen chickpea curry last night on rice (made of course in my Rice Spaceship) and will have more Spaceship Rice, spicy green beans, and limed haddock steak from the Freezer later.

So, sorry if I lag on posts that I had promised, but I've already spent so much time online today that I may throw up if I don't step away from the laptop. Oh yeah, shit, I almost forgot, I have to try to get to a shop or bakery today to pick up something for the shiva call also. And find my black suit, which come to think of it, I have only worn for two things--job interviews and funerals. Shit. I hope it still fits.

Anyway, please everyone go out and enjoy the snow and some downtime.

posted by Steve @ 10:59:00 AM

10:59:00 AM

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