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Comments by YACCS
Monday, February 20, 2006

This would be a mistake

NYPD Capt. Eric Adams

Captain Critical of City May Face Dismissal

Published: February 20, 2006

A founder of a black police organization said yesterday that he was facing departmental charges for publicly criticizing the city's handling of a terror alert last fall.

If the disciplinary action were to result in dismissal, Captain Adams, a 22-year veteran scheduled to retire on March 17, could lose his pension. Mr. Siegel said that the captain was planning to run in Brooklyn for a seat in the State Senate.

Mr. Siegel said the issue was one of free speech, adding that the move to dismiss the captain, a frequent critic of the department, was "an example of thin-skinned managerial decision-making" and a simple matter of retaliation.

"This case is extremely important for all New Yorkers," Mr. Siegel said. "We cannot allow any government entity to punish or possibly silence needed critics on the issues of public concern," he said, adding that "even the filing of the charges potentially chills government employees from speaking out."

Mr. Siegel said that Captain Adams, in his role as a spokesman for an outside organization, had a right to criticize the department.

According to the charges, Captain Adams, who works at the Sixth Precinct, in Greenwich Village, "did wrongfully divulge or discuss department business without authority and permission to do so."

He was also accused of conduct "prejudicial to the good order, efficiency or discipline of the department by disseminating misinformation to the public regarding this N.Y.P.D. operation."


Captain Adams said he had no regrets about his televised comments, adding that had the terror threat been correct, the city's delay in announcing it could have jeopardized the safety of New Yorkers.

"I made the right decision," he said. "I did the right thing."

He's made a LOT of enemies within the department. Which is why he's a captain, the highest civil service rank, and not an inspector or chief. But to fuck with his pension would be a miscalculation on the scale of the mishandling of the transit strike.

Adams is extremely popular with the media and the black community, especially Al Sharpton and many elected officials. The group, 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, has long been a thorn in the NYPD's side. But to take the man's pension for being on TV would end all of the good will that Kelly and Bloomberg have worked for. It would be seen as not only retaliation, but trying to silence the leading black police officer in the city. It was Adams who did community outreach while higher ranked officers never showed their faces.

Stupid doesn't even begin to describe this bit of payback.

Because this hasn't hit the papers until now. It will be all over the media tomorrow and then the outrage will follow. My bet is that Kelly backs down by the end of the week or this goes all the way into federal court and ties up Bloomberg for the next two years.

Adams is owed a LOT of favors and he may be in a position to collect.

posted by Steve @ 2:24:00 AM

2:24:00 AM

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