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Saturday, February 25, 2006

This is just too funny

Bill O'Reilly: yapping like a
tiny little bitch

This is from Daily Kos

Bill O'Reilly's petition to Fire Keith Olbermann
by redheadedwoman
Fri Feb 24, 2006 at 07:30:43 AM PDT

Seriously. Bill O'Reilly wants NBC-Universal to fire Keith Olbermann and replace him with Phil Donahue who hosted the 8pm show prior to Olbermann's hiring.

Here's the text of his petition:

February 22, 2006
Chairman Robert Wright
National Broadcasting Company
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, New York 10112

Dear Chairman Wright:

We, the undersigned, are becoming increasingly concerned about the well-being of MSNBC and, in particular, note the continuing ratings failure of the program currently airing weeknights on that network at 8:00 PM EST.

It is now apparent to everyone that a grave injustice has been done to the previous host for that time slot, Phil Donahue, whose ratings, at the time of his show's cancellation three years ago, were demonstrably stronger than those of the current host.

Therefore, in an effort to rescue MSNBC from the ratings basement and to restore the honor and dignity of Mr. Donahue, who was ignobly removed as host three years ago, we ask that you immediately bring Phil Donahue's show back at 8:00 PM EST before any more damage is done.

Before any more damage has been done? Quite frankly, nothing short of the abolishment of the entire Fox News network could restore the damage done to journalism by their mere existence.

Who the hell is Bill O'Reilly to call for Olbermann's firing? What has Olbermann done so dreadful? Called Bill O'Reilly and Fox on their bullshit?

Repeatedly asked tough questions of the GOP and the BUsh Administration on their bullshit?

Covered stories no one else would?

Wait, that explains it. Olbermann's a real journalist. And in this day and age in America, that's akin to being a crime in and of itself.

What's next?

Dear Oscar voters

We ask that you not vote for George Clooney for any of the three catagories he's nominated in because he makes fun of me being a sexual harrasser, a position which has cost my employer millions.

He is an evil man, and we suggest you award stuff to one of those movies about queers instead. That Heath Ledger sure is pretty. And Phil Hoffman is hunky in an ex-jock sort of way.

But why give an award to that meany Clooney? Because he's already a liberal bastard who has gotten way more pussy than me. He's Irish, his dick can't be that big. Oh, he is a hillbilly, though. All that inbreeding makes for large genitals. No wonder he doesn't have any kids, his sister is already married.

So let's stop Clooney from getting another award.

If O'Reilly had the brains of a gopher, he'd know that Olbermann is a mean bastard who will never quit going after him. Like with Clooney.

Just because he's a bully doesn't mean anyone outside of Fox will give a shit about his opinions. And he's so good at making enemies, real, serious enemies, that he's being driven nuts by them.

Let's see, he called Clooney a loser with failed movies, now says Olbermann's ratings are sinking.

Hmmm, three Oscar nominations and 21% increase in ratings, utter failure.

Oh, btw, I'm watching Olbermann sign the petition to fire him. Then, he's running a tape of the entire MSNBC staff signing it.

I don't think O'Reilly anticipated that.

posted by Steve @ 12:04:00 AM

12:04:00 AM

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