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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

They never did like you

They all hate you

Reporters: The Right-Wing Hates You

by Matt Stoller, Mon Feb 20, 2006 at 10:50:05 PM EST

There's this pernicious attitude among reporters I know that 'both sides give them grief'; it is an ardent desire to be seen as an umpire calling 'balls and strikes' within the political system. I'm glad Beutler came onto this blog, and had a dialogue with all of us. He was extremely frustrated earlier and declaimed my intolerance and my constant use of the word 'right-wing talking point' when describing those who parrot conventional wisdom.

It's striking to me, though, that neutral journalists like some of Beutler's colleagues at the Hotline who pride themselves as clear-eyed hard-boiled realists can't see what's right in front of their eyes. Unlike the progressive blogosphere, which pushes journalists to do a better job, the right-wing has contempt for them and everything they do. For instance, there's this, from Redstate, on Cheney shooting a man in the face by accident.

This is part of the human condition. We all make mistakes, and every once in a while one of the mistakes causes something really, seriously, bad to happen. To beat somebody up over one of those things, as Democrats who work for media companies have been doing to the Vice President for two weeks now, is positively inhumane. No wonder the public shows growing disdain for the "media." The media deserve it.

The worst part is, we all know why they're doing it. They hate the Vice President's guts. They hate the entire Administration. They are extremely partisan Democrats, and they think that their role is to use their platform in journalism to throw every spear they can, at every Republican they see, every time they get a chance. They refer to this as "informing the public." When this behavior is about politics, we pretty much blow it off, figuring that political figures have voluntarily placed themselves in the public arena and should therefore be prepared to take whatever spears come their way. It is annoying to Republicans that virtually everyone hired by media companies is a partisan Democrat, but that's a different issue.

I'm not trying to prove this Republican, Nick Danger, wrong. He is self-evidently lying when he says that 'virtually everyone hired by media companies is a partisan Democrat'. I am trying to say that these people mean what they say. They hate reporters, blindly. You as reporters can't do a good enough job to satisfy them, because they are after obediance and not truth. They hate you. They hate what you stand for. They will rejoice in your downfall. They will lie to you because you don't matter to them. You have no legitimacy.

I'm not making this up. Just read Redstate. And you should start to figure out a better way to defend yourself from their dripping hatred, because the 'I'm neutral' line sure isn't working.

The Republicans use fairness as a weapon.

Which is why we toss trolls here. You can not have an argument with a dishonest person, and you have to keep in mind that while they play on your decency, they will not follow the same rules.

All the asskissing with Powerline and the Ass Clown Media folks is pointless. They hate the media, because there is no compromise which is good enough for them.

posted by Steve @ 1:04:00 AM

1:04:00 AM

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