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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

There's a reason I pay $12.95 a month for Sirius

A picture of Don Imus's face

This is from Kos and I couldn't resist

Who the Hell are you Imus?
by DarkSyde
Wed Feb 08, 2006 at 04:45:26 AM PDT

Yes, Imus has weighed in on proper funeral etiquette this morning, i.e., condemning those who would dare celebrate Coretta Scott King's life at her funeral. He's shocked I tell you, shocked!

I guess I haven't been to enough funerals to understand the format. I would have thought that if the friends of a soldier killed in Iraq stood up at that soldier's funeral and mentioned that the deceased supported the Iraq Debacle, and that that soldier was proud to have died in a cause he believed in, that that would be appropriate. I would have thought that if the friends of someone killed in 9/11 stood up at that person's funeral and mentioned 9/11, that that would be appropriate.

I would have thought that friends and family would be the ones to determine how to celebrate the life of the guest of honor at any funeral. I'd have thought they would after all be the ones in a position to know that person and that they'd know what that person might want.

I would have thought that, Imus you twit, because it's common practice in the entire civilized world. Joseph Lowery and President Jimmy Carter were personal friends of Coretta Scott King and her family. That means they get to talk about her life and her work however they deem fit. Not you buddy. Just who the hell are you to tell them what is and what is not appropriate? Who the hell are you to tell the friends and family of anyone what they 'ought to' say and why do you think anyone gives a shit what you think about it anyway?

I usually enjoy Imus in the Morning. It's a fun show, they have great guests, nice way to start the day. But if they're going to try and shamelessly make hay out of this, I think I'll do without, at least for the rest of the week. And just in case, I'll e-mail them at and tell them why ...

Who is Don Imus?

A drunk racist fuck. That's who.

He used to run around the halls of WNBC calling cleaning women and other assorted people niggers.

He would rotuinely insult Howard Stern's partner Robin Quivers, when he deigned to speak to either one of them.

I didn't think he was funny when I was in elementary school and he isn't funny now. For him to care about Coretta Scott King's funeral is not something I give a shit about. He should stick to running his ranch and kissing the ass of politicians.

Over the years, Imus has relied on cheap racial sterotypes and gay bashing comments as the core of his "humor", and the Beltway Kool Kids Klub loves him.

He didn't like black people, or his own family, back in the day, when his best friend was a bottle of vodka, now he gives a shit? Fuck him, when did he like black people anyway?

posted by Steve @ 6:54:00 AM

6:54:00 AM

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