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Comments by YACCS
Monday, February 20, 2006


On sale at Amazon

OK, first let us thank everyone for the various non-monetary gifts we got during the last drive. They mean so much it's hard to say how much. Jen hasn't seen them all yet, so I can't be specific, but we both deeply appreciate the time and effort involved. We can only offer our work here as repayment

As far as the frying pan goes, it's Jen who needs a cast-iron pan, I've owned one for years. It does everything from bake (I cook my beer can chicken in it) to fry.

I am looking for upper end frying pans, one with a non stick (non-telfon) surface for eggs and other on the stove cooking and a pan to cook on the stove and then the oven.

So the suggestions of All Clad and Calphalon make a whole lot of sense. Both are high quality pans and I can order them online.

While I have your attention, I bought my sister a set of silicon bakeware. She bakes nearly every week so the kids can take cake, brownies or cookies to school instead of twinkies. She loves it and it seems to hold up.

OK, I bought a Calaphalon 10" pan and a 12" everyday pan and an All- Clad Stainless Steel frying pan, with the Le Creuset grill above.

Oh yeah, I had shrimp scampi last night. Very fast meal.

Thanks for the advice.

posted by Steve @ 3:15:00 AM

3:15:00 AM

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