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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Spare us the lectures

The day this happened, people were drowing
in New Orleans

Americablog posted this up

Get ready for the white men of the Republican party to lecture black leaders about not knowing their place

by John in DC - 2/07/2006 06:44:00 PM

UPDATE: Well that didn't take long. But rather than old white men, it's an old white woman of the far-right wing of the Republican party telling black leaders to mind their place.

FURTHER UPDATE: Bush was there while everyone spoke. Does anyone think MLK or Mrs. King would pass up that opportunity to give them an a piece of their minds? Doubtful.

At the funeral of Coretta Scott King, the grande dame of America's civil rights and progressive activist community, the Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery, a revered elder of that same community, criticized President Bush, and the war, and the fact that America still has so many poor and needy. Kind of something you'd expect at the funeral of a woman who after her husband was assassinated, yet the day before he was buried, led a civil rights march of 50,000 people. A woman who spoke at an anti-war rally in NYC only 3 weeks after her husband was mattered. A woman who devoted her entire life to non-violence.

I say this because you know it's only a matter of hours before the Republican Swift Boating of Rev. Lowery and Coretta's funeral begins. How dare a black man not know his place at a funeral, they'll say. As if the Republican party and its surrogates have any right whatsoever to speak on behalf of Mrs. King, to tell black America what they can and cannot do to honor one of their most revered leaders.

A party that doesn't have a single African-American member of Congress has no right lecturing black people about knowing their place.

And you know that lecture they will.

They'll be all over Coretta and Lowery, with the help of the media they'll trivialize her funeral, her death, the honor being paid to her, by claiming her funeral was all a big stunt, a big act, one big political opportunity for the Democrats to abuse a poor old dead woman, they'll say.

But that's because the Republican party, and increasingly the media, have no clue about black America, about progressives, about civil rights, and about what it means to be a committed activist who actually cares about our country and the direction its heading. If Coretta, on the occasion of Martin's death, could launch (and continue) a decade's-long campaign for equality and justice in his name, we should only be so honored to do the same to mark her passing.

Perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps the old white men of the GOP (read: Ken Mehlman) and their media enablers will sit well enough alone. Perhaps. But I doubt it. Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King, and the legacy they leave behind, is far too dangerous to the right-wing extremists that run our country. They'll have to do something to mar Coretta's legacy. I have a hunch this will be it.
Let me put this simply: Kate O'Beirne needs to shut her filthy mouth.

When black people were dying in New Orleans, they called us everything but a child of God. We were animals, looters, out of control.

Not one of these people said this was a lie, a slander. Jonah Goldberg laughed at the idea of people drowning in the Superbowl. They cheered the idea of black people being shot in the streets. They said we were too stupid to leave the city when they had no cars and no money

While Bush sat on his hands.

So now, these filthy vermin want to give us lectures . They can eat their lectures.

We don't care what they think. They may have their lackies, and they best keep their mouths shut about this, but 98 percent of blacks have no use for the GOP.

What? They think we don't know they're racists? They hated Dr. King and his wife in life and now in death. They hate that blacks and latinos no longer live in peonage. Only one of their bought and paid for fools would attack how Mrs. King was buried. To the rest of it, it was a fittintg tribute and making Bush sit there for hours was wonderful. He was told the truth and he couldn't run.

They didn't help us back then, they won't help us now, not when they can spit on us, and now they want to give us lectures? Please, please send Lynn Swann, Ken Blackwell and Michael Steele out to denounce this, do us this favor. Tell us how the GOP really likes black people.

Help remind us why blacks vote Democratic.

posted by Steve @ 12:21:00 PM

12:21:00 PM

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