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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Share your thoughts

The real ideological
father of the modern
GOP. Hint: Lincoln
fought him

We get e-mail. This is from Ken Mehlman

Dear Steve,

Nearly a century and a half ago, the United States was divided. With our country's future at stake, Americans turned to a prairie lawyer from Springfield, Illinois. Abraham Lincoln, our first Republican President, united the nation after the Civil War, preserving the Union, ending slavery, and opening the door of opportunity to millions.

Every February, we mark the birthday of the Father of our Party - and two other Great American Presidents: George Washington and Ronald Reagan. We also celebrate the bedrock principles of freedom and reform that have been the unshakable pillars of our Republican Party since the Civil War.

As we remember some of our greatest leaders, we're giving you a chance to share your thoughts on Lincoln's legacy and what being a Republican means to you. We'll post some of the responses on

Since Abraham Lincoln, Republicans have been the party of freedom and reform. From breaking the oppressive tyranny of slavery, to Teddy Roosevelt's Trust busting, to Ronald Reagan's leadership that ended the Cold War, to the liberation of fifty million in Iraq and Afghanistan, Republicans have consistently stood for freedom-- and even today, we are putting new reforms that spread freedom into action.

February is also Black History Month - a special chance to remember the courage and sacrifice of other great Americans, and to remember the freedoms Abraham Lincoln helped make possible. We encourage you to read the tribute to these heroes of freedom on our African American Team Web page.

As we celebrate our freedom, click here, and be the one who helps define what it means to be a member of the Party of Lincoln.


Well, share your thoughts. My thoughts. Well, Strom Thurmond went from being a Democrat, to a Dixiecrat, to a Republican.

Party of Lincoln? Sure, on a technicality. It's really the party of Jefferson Davis.

posted by Steve @ 10:00:00 AM

10:00:00 AM

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