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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Please don't send death squads against the

UK urges 'united' Iraq government

UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has urged Iraqi leaders to put aside sectarian interests and form a government of national unity.

December's election results show "no party, no ethnic or religious grouping can dominate" the Iraqi government, Mr Straw said on a surprise visit.

He is in Baghdad for talks with top politicians about the slow progress in forming a new coalition government.

Talks have faltered over splits within and between Shias, Sunnis and Kurds.

Shia leaders say they have the right to control key posts after winning 130 of the 275 seats in parliament.

But Sunni Arab leaders want to ensure they are represented at a senior level, and are seeking to break the control of Shia militias on the interior ministry.

The US has warned that aid to Iraq will be cut if the new government includes politicians with a strong sectarian bias.

The Iraqi prime minister dismissed the US warning.

Ibrahim Jaafari said he did not want a sectarian government, but would not accept interference in what was an "internal Iraqi affair".

"We do not need anybody to remind us, thank you."

I guess when our "loyal" Iraqi units turn on us afcter we cut their pay, we can then leave.

posted by Steve @ 10:56:00 AM

10:56:00 AM

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