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Friday, February 10, 2006

Please, please love me

No matter how you grovel, they will
never vote for you

Rep. Harold Ford, Jr.

Funerals Should Not be Ceremonies to Fabricate (70 comments )

Like all believers in the power of non-violence to achieve social change and justice, I mourned the loss of Coretta Scott King. Her life was dedicated to finding solutions to the ugly and hypocritical sides of humanity. She was a woman of tremendous inner strength, soaring conviction, stout courage and unflinching character.

Never was her strength more apparent than when, just days after her husband's death, she led a march on behalf of sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee. But I will remember her most for the dignity and poise she always showed. In the face of so much pain and indignity, she never surrendered. And for that, I will forever be in her debt.

As the nation paused yesterday to reflect on what Mrs. King meant to each one of us, it is important remember we cannot divorce the way she lived her life from the way we celebrate her after her passing. Funerals should not be ceremonies to fabricate a life's works. Instead, they are a time to celebrate with honesty and dignity a woman's life, and to consider the legacy that she has left behind.
What the fuck is he saying?

I think he wants to be president so bad that he can taste it. This guy thinks he is going to be elected from Tennessee to serve in the Senate, the run for President. The fact that he couldn't get 30 votes in his own caucus is seen as a speed bump, not a hint.

The problem is that his judgment makes Hillary Clinton look like Grant outside Vicksburg. Telling people his grandmother was white, supporting an up or down vote on Alito.

None of that matters. The various indictments surrounding his family will. Because in a season where corruption will be a real issue, he's on the wrong side of it, even if he's personally honest.

posted by Steve @ 1:12:00 AM

1:12:00 AM

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