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Sunday, February 26, 2006

People pay for this?

Maharishi Ayurveda spa, Bad Ems, Germany
The health centre boasts more than 10,000
satisfied customers

Destination detox

By Caroline Wyatt
BBC News, Germany

There is nothing, it seems, that European women would rather spend a great deal of money on than getting away from it all at a spa or health farm and as correspondent Caroline Wyatt discovers, the bill is often as painful as the rather intrusive treatments.

The brochure had a photo of a luxurious hotel, and all the buzzwords: revitalising, rejuvenating.

A detox. Well, I was not sure about a detox.

I like to tox, and I think my liver and kidneys do an admirable job, considering the challenges.

Apparently, the Maharishi Ayurveda spa offered daily full-body massages, with hot oil dribbled over the entire body, rubbed in by two people simultaneously.

I booked straightaway.

The name Maharishi rang a vague bell, but I could not think why.

The brochure had a picture of the man himself - the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - an Indian with a serene other-worldly expression and a long white beard.

I began to suspect all might not be quite what I expected when the health check questionnaire arrived from the spa a few days later.

It seemed utterly fixated on matters of a deeply personal nature. Namely my digestion.

More specifically, the exit.

How often? What did it look like? Colour? Consistency?

The questions were all of an equally personal nature.

I discovered that many Germans were rather obsessed with these matters when I worked as a geriatric nurse in Munich in my early 20s, and to my horror found out why German toilets had ledges.

So that each production could be examined in detail.

Spas have caused me some trouble in my life.

Jen asked me, a long time ago, about going to a day spa.

My reply was simple: I'm a guy. Which means no.

It didn't go over well. But then, neither did my devotion to sports.

Of course, my soon to be nine year old niece likes spas as well. When I asked her about spas, she detailed the treatments they did, like mud baths and cucumbers on the eyes. And of course, since she and Jen are both quite girly, she plans on going to a spa one day.

When I mentioned that I saw a spa for kids on TV, my niece thought she was coming to New York to go for a spa treatment. When her mother said no, being that's she's not nine yet, she sulked around the house. So I had to explain that the spa was in Illinois, which she understood.

So spas have been a source of discomfort in my life.

posted by Steve @ 2:20:00 PM

2:20:00 PM

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