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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, February 18, 2006

Need a helping hand

Get at 'em boy

I got this in my e-mail.

I'll send on any ideas to the person involved.

Sorry for the spam but I'm reaching out to every blogger I've got an email address for.

Since last summer my referral spam has been increasing exponentially. Actual site traffic for xxxxxxxx has been consistently ten times what is recorded by Sitemeter, or approx. 5,000 unique sites a day (actual) to 500 (Sitemeter). Actual visits, however, have consistently lagged behind sites due to some of the referral spam using code that forces my server's CPU to go through gyrations to cut off any actual bandwidth usage by the spammer. IP banning is of little use since nearly all of the attacks come from different servers (zombies, whatever...).

My question is this: who else has had this problem, and how did you resolve it? I'm just a teeny blog compared to most of you, so it makes no sense to me that I'm getting attacked in some unique way. Either some of you have already dealt with this successfully, or I'm under some kind of special attack (probably by one of the dozens of assholes I've referenced as having "tiny penises").

The latter is entirely possible as I have googlebombed a number of nimrods over the past several years, ranging from professional online con men to the jackass who launched a jihad against Bitch Ph.D. last year. (The conman, btw, was googlebombed by my business site which is totally unscathed by this attack. Going after my blog would not help remove the googlebomb page afflicting him, so I don't think this is related to anything nonpolitical.)

Any input would be appreciated. I wish I could be more clear on what is happening, but even after an ISP switch and several server moves we're still unable to figure out just what exactly is happening or how to block it. FWIW, the bandwidth hasn't been an issue at all, although half a gig a day is a lot for a blog that gets no more than 2,000 legit readers a day, tops.

The problem is referral spam designed to confound the server CPU. Any input or information would be deeply appreciated. Additional contact information below. xxxxxxxx

PS you absolutely have my permission to ask your readers about this if you like. And it's possible this isn't targeted but is the product of certain unique circumstances. I've been using a "wild card" domain for email since the mid-90s, and as a result my spam filters block out literally 8-9,000 spam every day, with at least another hundred or so getting through three layers of spam protection.

Because of my resume business, I also know that various email addresses I use are stored on literally thousands of client and lurker computers, mostly PCs, many infected by viruses. But there is nothing unusual about that spam other than the quantity. The referral spam is also typical: mostly porn and pharma products.

Sorry for all the detail but this could be a precursor to a concerted attack on major blogs later in the year when the election cycle is in full swing. Or it could just be some weirdness. Thanks for your time and any feedback.

posted by Steve @ 5:20:00 PM

5:20:00 PM

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