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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, February 18, 2006

Lordy, I need some help

Hold on, we're comin'

This is from Swing State Project

MD-Sen: Steele's Campaign Manager Quits
Posted by DavidNYC

Campaign in disarray:

Campaign manager Graham M. Shafer made a quiet exit earlier this month, citing family obligations, a campaign spokesman confirmed yesterday. His departure highlighted a growing tug within the Steele campaign between the candidate's Washington advisers and his coterie of longtime loyalists from Maryland, of which Shafer was one.

That internal struggle intensified last week, sources said, as Steele sought to minimize damage caused when he equated stem cell research to the experiments Nazi doctors conducted on Jews during World War II while speaking to a Baltimore Jewish group.

As criticism of the remark had Steele hustling to issue profuse apologies, national GOP officials were clashing with Steele's longtime advisers on how to handle the crisis, said three well-placed sources, all of whom spoke on the condition that they not be named because they were divulging internal campaign deliberations.

Nothing like having the big boys from DC come in and try to bail Say Anything Steele's ass out. After national GOP figures lambasted Coretta Scott King's mourners and lectured them on how they ought to behave, do guys like Ken Mehlman have any realistic chance whatsoever at convincing black voters to go Republican? That seems to be the Steele campaign's entire strategy. Good luck with that one

The problem is that if Steele was smart, he could hire seasoned black Republican staffers from DC, but he won't, because he's pretty much an idiot. So the same crew will come in and toss out the same old shit, and the black Dem pols, who don't lay down, and hold Steele in personal disdain, will strike.

In an irony which is quite amusing, to win, he has to convince black voters to not just go bezerk on him, yet convince white voters he can back their interests. The problem is that Steele just isn't nimble enough to walk that line. Alan Keyes was crazy, but at least he brought a whip smart intellect to the game. Steele doesn't have anything like that.

What I don't think consultants realize is that a candidate like Steele can drive up black voters against them. The last thing they feel they can afford is a turncoat pol working against them. Mehlman needs to worry less about getting black voters than drawing out black voters for the Dems.

Their whole church strategy is fucked anyway. Ministers are not the power in the church. It's the Deacons and the church sisters who set the tenor of the church. Unfortunately for Mehlman and crew, they also tend to be educated professionals, like nurses, teachers and senior civil service management. Unionized people. Loyal Democrats. If you've ever walked by a black church on a Saturday, especially in the summer, you'll notice that they sell dinners.

Ever wonder how they can prepare a hundred meals or so? Because the women doing the cooking are cafeteria workers from the schools and hospitals. Unionized workers.

They can buy off the ministers, but the power behind the throne won't play that. I mean, watch Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union 2006 next week and you will see these ministers called to account by their own parishoners. That program has the heart of black America's intellectual life and you can bet Thomas Sowell and John McWhorter will not be invited. It is hard to explain exactly how little voice these people have in the debates in black America, except as a target of derision.

posted by Steve @ 12:54:00 AM

12:54:00 AM

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