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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ho hum, more people are Tom and Katie broken up for real?

Happy Halloween

New Abu Ghraib images broadcast

An Australian TV channel has broadcast previously unpublished images showing apparent US abuse of prisoners in Iraq's Abu Ghraib jail in 2003.

The images on SBS TV are thought to be from the same source as those that caused an outcry around the world and led to several US troops being jailed.

The new images show "homicide, torture and sexual humiliation", SBS said.

The US has said the images could only "incite unnecessary violence" and endanger US military personnel.

The broadcast of the images comes at a time of increased tension between Muslim nations and the West over cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad.

'Live rounds'

One of the videos broadcast on the SBS programme Dateline on Wednesday appears to show prisoners being forced to masturbate for the camera.

Other video footage appears to show a prisoner hitting his head against a wall.

The State Department is more pissed that the pictures are out than what they show, a complete breakdown in command leadership and discipline.

Yet, you will find as much coverage of Tom Cruise's impending marriage as the worldwide outrage to follow.

Osama has not has had a better week since Tora Bora.

I find it amusing that the US went into court to enjoin the pictures from being published. Have they not heard of the internets? I get the BBC News and Antenne 2 every night on cable. US law has no effect on them. Hundreds of websites will run these shots, linked to other sites in other countries. You cannot stop a country with free access to the internet from accesing information.

While most American newspapers shied away from the Danish cartoons, they won't shy away from this and this is much worst.

And here come the chickenhawk apologists, excusing away torture.

Or course, American soldiers will pay the price for this in Iraq. But they won't have anything to say about this.

posted by Steve @ 6:07:00 PM

6:07:00 PM

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