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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Frying Pan

OK I need some new frying pans. I have a cast iron one, but I need some new ones because my old ones are worn.

All ideas accepted, except that I buy a Mac:)

Jen here, got up VERY late today as I was up till 3 AM watching HGTV and playing Deer Hunter. Anyway, let me chime in here--I, too, need a new SMALL frypan--like 6" or 7" max--just for whipping up ONE egg or a toasting garlic/sesame seeds for Indian or Chinese food. My old "small" frypan is an old nonstick that is so, so smoldery (it was a hand me down) that I can no longer use it without DISCONNECTING my smoke detector (for years, just covering it over did OK).

I am thinking of replacing it with a small cast-iron item. If anyone has links to preferred vendor, please tag up in comments and/or email to me at the Gmail account. I like the idea of a tiny cast-iron one because at the end of the day it's easier to care for, and I'm not eating Nasty Carcinogenic Teflon. Yes, I already have a HUGE (14" I think) Le Creuset nonstick cast-iron enameled and not-Tefloned-but-something-else frypan, but it's overkill for a fast breakfast or crisping up a slab of seitan.


UPDATE: Public shouts and props to commenter CK for recommending Lodge Manufacturing. I will soon be the proud owner of two smallish (6" and 8") cast iron skillets for around $25 with shipping. Can't wait...thanks for the seasoning links also. I think I have bacon fat in the freezer somewhere, if not, good ol' veggie oil is what's getting baked on...

posted by Steve @ 3:43:00 PM

3:43:00 PM

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