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Monday, February 13, 2006

Five Questions

Deadeye Dick and friends

We live in times where the Vice President of the United States can gun down a man, and not explain himself before the public.

In an act of utter cowardice, from a man who routinely challenged John Kerry's war record and tried to attack Jack Murtha. They've owned up to the men, armed men, they've shot, while Dick Cheney has retreated into silence, while his gunshot victim lies in ICU at the age of 78.

What is so despicable is that Cheney's office didn't release the information about this. They were quick to brag about their bird murder hunts, 700 phesants, 400 quail. Who the hell are they feeding with all this killing.

This indicates something dark in Cheney's personality, which revels only in the act of killing, not the challenge of hunting.

Personally, hunting holds no appeal for me. I'd rather punch holes in paper. But I do fish, so I regard hunting as a personal choice and not a moral weakness. Sure, there is catch and release fishing, but if you take wild things from nature, that's what you're doing.

But what Cheney was doing was akin to tossing a rod and reel into a fish farm. If your goal is collection, fine. But don't call it fishing, any more than canned hunts are hunting

1) Was the Vice President familiar with the area of the hunt?

2) How often does the Vice President fire his weapon outside of hunting? Does he personally clean and maintain it? Where is it now? In Cheney's custody, the Secret Service or local authorities

3) Does any medications taken by the Vice President impare his judgement or reactions? Are activities like driving or operation heavy machinery contraindicated by them?

4) Why was the party hunting at dusk, a time widely regarded as dangerous to be hunting at.

5) Why was a private citizen allowed to tell local media that the Vice President of the United States had harmed a private individual and why did it take 22 hours to become public. Why hasn't the Office of the Vice President issued a public statement as to the events which ocurrred?

posted by Steve @ 4:53:00 PM

4:53:00 PM

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