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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, February 22, 2006

But we know them


Think about this: we are so afraid of terrorists, that we have to kidnap people and jail them in secret prisons, keep innocent people in Gitmo, listen to people's calls without wiretaps, and buy bulletproof vests for dogs.

Yet, when the UAE, a country which defines the word shady, wants to run US ports, we're bigots for opposing this? I have no problem with Arabs. I have a problem with people who enable terrorists. Why doesn't President Bush.

Hell, just because 9/11 was planned in Dubai, they couldn't mean us any harm, right? Maybe the North Koreans could run the West Coast ports.

This is the beginning of the end for Bush. Never before has his stupidity been on such open display. Bush and Cheney are so used to getting their way that they think questions are impertinent.

They have pimped the fear of the brown other for so long they think they can hand off a part to their brown friends and not cause a shitstorm?

Bush thinks his personal ties are good enough for diplomacy.

They aren't. Too many people have died to let this slide.

posted by Steve @ 2:31:00 AM

2:31:00 AM

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