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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, February 16, 2006

Black Wednesday

The great white hunter
Dickylee posted this in comments

I saw Cheney three days before his latest hospitalization for "not a heart problem" when he visited our plant, and he couldn't walk w/o asistance. He was out "walking" up a draw when the covey flushed my ass. (They were being "released" from a live trap for sporting pleasure, I bet). When the VP's advance team was sweeping our building, we asked a SS agent about her detail, and she laughed that the Cheney assignment was really one of the worst she'd ever had, since this guy thinks himself the great white hunter, usally way out in the boonie's somewhere where you couldn't even find a decent motel room that didn't have a coin operated vibrating bed. And he really looked like shit. We had to get him a stool to sit on at the lectern (and then they took our stool with them when they left). So him riding around in a truck sounds plausabile to me, one of those canned hunts. And maybe his misstress really did shoot the old man, wouldn't that be a story to tell on the Saprano's some day!

But that brings up an interesting thought, didn't the SCOTUS rule that the SS agent on the Clinton detail had to testify to the special prosecutor about his whereabouts and the company he kept? And don't you think that they would keep a list of everyone that would be on this quail safari? Has anyone asked about this?
Today was Black Wednesday for the Bushies.

As Jack Cafferty said about Cheney's interview on Fox "isn't that a bit like having Bonnie interview Clyde"

This has been a horrible three days, with the DC rumormill going around about Cheney and a mistress, Cheney drunk, Cheney with something to hide.

Now, he's saying he said "I didn't see you there"

Which begs the question: "so why did you fire your weapon, Mr. Cheney?"

But between this and the Abu Gharib pictures, this was a bad day for Bush and it doesn't take much to realize it.

At what point does Cheney, who I think is much, muich sicker than he lets on, becomes a liability.

They have to be thinking about what happens if both Rove and Cheney are gone, because there is that little indictment thing with Rove and Cheney's fate hangs on birdshot.

Oh yeah, so why was he spending the weekend before Valentines Day with two single women? Does he ever take his wife on these trips?

The more you ask, the less it looks good for Cheney.

posted by Steve @ 1:56:00 AM

1:56:00 AM

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