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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, February 19, 2006

The battle over SI

Brooklyn Decker

Carla Campbell

If you have a subscription to Sports Illustrated, I'll assume these women are familiar to you.

If not, they're models in the 2006 SI Swimsuit issue.

The single most profitable single issue of the year for any magazine.

So what's the problem?

Our fundie friends think this is porn.

Despite the fact that only one percent of subscribers have asked to not have the issue delivered, there is a vigorous campaign attacking the magazine.

IS the SI swimsuit issue OK for hubby? What about strip clubs? How much skin from other women is OK for your husband to see? What about your kids?

Is the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, which hit newsstands yesterday, welcome in your home? What about the Victoria’s Secret catalog? What about strip clubs for bachelor parties? Where do you draw the line?

The SI swimsuit issue has been in our house before, and I’m sure it will be again. I’m not threatened by those skinny-Minnies, and I don’t think it qualifies as porn. (Although, hubbies can see many of the SI photos online so they don’t really have to bring it home anymore.)

Esquire magazines with half-naked bottoms prancing across the covers routinely can be found on our bathroom floor. I don’t really care if my husband sees that either – but I did worry for the first time the other day about the kids noticing it. I placed the issue up higher where the kids would be less likely to see it.

About 10 years ago when our friends were all getting married, the “boys” routinely went to strip clubs in Atlanta for bachelor parties. I would never encourage him to go, but I could live with it. However, I drew the line when they decided to go to a strip club just for the heck of it after a Falcon’s game one night.

Where is your line? What’s OK for your husband to see? What do you worry about the kids seeing?

Uh, is she insane? The reason I posted the photos was to show how tame they were compared to any fashion magazine spread. They aren't naked, and the pictures, while of women in swimsuits hardly compared to a lesbian three way or a double penetration.

Has healthy heterosexual interest in attractive women become criminalized? I've looked at the SI issue since I was 10. It wasn't a big deal.

And there is a vast difference between a place where men tip women to sit on their laps and a magazine.

Jen here, avoiding my other chores today and catching up on E-mail. Let me say that I don't consider this a gratutous use of cheesecake here.

Also, let me say that this "controversy" over SI's Swimsuit isse is yet another example why you should never, EVER give in to fundies of ANY stripe, because it shows that time and again, you can NEVER give them enough. Nothing satisfies their hunger to control every aspect of everyone else's lives; their "malignant narcissism" that drives them to try to force everyone around them into their little bubble of shame and guilt over anything sexual, tasty, or fun.

It would never be enough for the fundie morons to "put the issue behind the counter" or black out the cover on the wrap or whatever.

Let me also add that as Gilly points out, there is a world of difference between having the hubby get men-mags that have some cheesecake versus having him go to strip clubs and get lap dances. I don't think the two are related, btw, and one does not "lead" to another.

I just sort of feel bad for the fundie women who think that if they demonize SI, and by extension strippers/lap dancers, and make them "dirty" and "bad," that their husbands will somehow loose interest in said subjects. It's pathetic. The other side of that coin is that these same women will never, ever explore their own sexuality or make any demands in that department. And, by remaining asexual and demanding it of other "nice women" (and don't get me started on their mandatory link between sex and procreation) they do their own part to reinforce the idea that the ONLY sexy women out there are a) for hire b) rail thin and b) under 30, which is of course complete and utter bullshit.

On that note, I need to go figure out what further chores I can avoid today. Happy posting!

posted by Steve @ 4:16:00 PM

4:16:00 PM

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