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Sunday, February 12, 2006

26.9 inches

East Village and 6th Street

I went out to get a BLT and the paper, basically to see what the streets were like.

The snow covered the cars and were over two feet high seven feet from the curb. Despite plowing, the streets are still white, which is a sign of the heavyest snowfall.

Because of the hurricane like intensity of the storm, we have broken the old record of 26.4 inches set in 1947, which means that New York and close suburbs shut down. 26.9 inches of snow in 26 hours is no small deal.

You go to bed in one city and wake up in another, a much harder to get around city. A much quieter and prettier city. One where sound rebounds off of snowcovered walls and streets.

There were people in the streets, kids playing in the snow, parents showing their kids a really big snowfall, and people looking for lunch.

I saw some kids playing football in the schoolyard. The snow was up to their knees. When they actually ran a play, the snow was flying as they ran a pattern.

Of course when I told my sister about the snowfall, she didn't believe me. Of course, her kids were impressed, having never seen that much snow, or even heard about it.

A snowy New York day brings about a need for soup and comfort food, grilled cheese, chicken noodle soup, split pea soup, hot chocolate, stews, chili and other food which make you want to snuggle with a blanket and watch movies like North by Northwest or start a fire if you have a fireplace, otherwise, you're going to get a bunch of firemen covered in ice.

Usually, you just pad around in your bathrobe and watch TV. Because after 10 minutes outside, the only place you want to be is inside.

posted by Steve @ 6:36:00 PM

6:36:00 PM

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