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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Parasites of the host

He called them what they were

It's easy to praise Martin Luther King and easy to blame Puffy and his cohorts for a loss of values in the black community. Easy solutions.

But it isn't that simple.

Michael Steele, Ken Blackwell, Lynn Swann.

Once upon a time black men could create their own talking points, not get them from their white patrons.

Now these three men seek high office without original thought or character. They believe that the same forces which tried to keep blacks from voting will somehow vote for them, because they hit all the high points, tax cuts, anti-abortion, all the good things they want to hear

John McWhorter, Robert George, Deroy Murdoch

They defend the status quo, hoping that they will receive the notice and respect they wish they could get. But their bosses laugh at them, sometimes to their face. Once black writers risked their lives to tell the story of their people. John Johnson published the picture of the murdered Emmitt Till, a recolutionary act. These men defend Bill Bennett and the racists who pay their bills.

They think being admitted to the club is the same as being members of the club. Ask Armstrong Williams how that worked out.

TD Jakes, Harry Jackson, Herb Lusk

They rent their pulpits for federal dollars and spout the kind of ignorant hatred and blind support of values rejected by the black community.

Once upon a time, black ministers railed against injustice and marched in the streets to protect the rights of their parishoners. They once filled the jails to protest injustice, not stand by while their people are insulted and defamed. They didn't plot their way to get closer to the people harming America

Star Parker, Jesse Lee Peterson, Mychal Massie

Once upon a time, people wanted to see black America in a good light, a positive light. They respected those who came before them. They would have rather died before they debased themselves in front of white people. Now they make a career out of it. They shame themselves and their community with their craven need for acceptance at any price.

To defend slavery is to defend your own subjugation.

Armstrong Williams, Ken Hamblin, Larry Elder

Black radio used to be a source of pride, a source of strength to the wider community. They didn't have to see themeselves debased for money. Not the gyrations of a hundred video girls could be as shameful as an hour of these men, grovelling and shaming themselves on the air.

Begging to be loved by those who hate them the most.

None of this is about politics, politics is not the issue here. It is about character, the ability to defend what you know is right about your home, your people. A man or woman who cannot defend their own will never be trusted by others.

Why is it that you have to lose your dignity to accept conservative principles? Why is it that you have to ignore or coddle racists who insult you to your face. Why must you pretend to have entre to the black community when it is clear you do not.

Robert George would no more debate me in front of a crowd of black people, than he would run naked through Central Park? Why? Because he would have to explain why he defended the degnerate gambler Bill Bennett's call for black genocide.

None of these people have the character or the courage to defend their views to the black community. While Aaron McGruder has to defend the use of the word nigga to the community, a challenge he has risen to, none of these people will defend their views to the community.

All they can do is claim we are idiots, we are on a plantation, we are too stupid to consider our own political fates. They cannot make a case to us, so they have to pretend to their patrons that they can't get a fair hearing.

The reason is simple: if they sought a fair hearing, they would get a fair response, which is ridicule and contempt. Which is what many black men and women have risked over the ages. Malcolm X was regarded with suspicion until his death. Martin Luther King faced opposition all the way down the line. Fanny Lou Hamer was chased from the 1964 Democratic Convention.

All these people faced critical, negative reaction to what they did.

But these people, who value their opinons so highly, hide behind the skirts of their white patrons and pretend to speak for some mysterious group of people no black person has ever discovered in large numbers among the healthy and sane.

It is easy to be couragous for what is right. It is difficult when all there is to gain is riches. Money makes cowards of many. But they forget, fortune favors the bold.

posted by Steve @ 12:59:00 AM

12:59:00 AM

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