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Saturday, December 31, 2005

TV 2006

I am your new overlord, tiny white man.
Kneel before me.

The second TV season, according to my sources, should be quite interesting.


The new show, from 50 Cent and Eminem, will have one pimp and 25 hoes compete to be his main lady. The contestants will have to earn money by "turning tricks" "robbing tricks" and "double teams". Who ever makes above a cut off point gets to stay.

Desperate actors

Since most of reality show constestents are really actor/waiters, this show is based in humiliation. Forget Fear Factor antics, they go on audition for roles for major TV shows. No gimmicks, just the daily humiliation of actors being rejected.

Real Estate Lawyer

Most laywers don't litigate, they file. Step inside the world of real estate law, see the fast pace world of mortgages and house closing with a team of high priced lawyers, who negotiate in the office and in the bedroom


The conflicts and drama inside Southern California's newest megachurch. See how Reverend Danny Ray Pastor has to fight the NFL for parishoners and keep his fledging TV network going. Dallas, Dynasty, now Megachurch.

Parole Officer

Follow PO Rahim Ellis and his team through the mean streets of Camden, NJ. Corruption, violence and clients trying to keep free make this the most intense series since Blind Justice

Internal Affairs

Watch the cops of IA bust the crooked cops of the LAPD. See them use the same techniques they use on skells on brother officers. Previously called the Rat Squad.

Brokeback Mountain -The Series

Follow the heroes of the award winning movie to their new home-sunny San Francisco. Can their tender love story survive the steaming fleshpots of the City by the Bay?


Paris Hilton is talking and you're listening. Her new fashion/talk/pet care show will stun and amaze. Watch the first episode when she gets her high school diploma.

Abu Gharib

Like E-ring and 24, this military drama takes you into the heart of the war on terror, right into Iraq's most dangerous prison. See how OGA interrigator Bob Smith deals with getting info from the prisoners, while avoiding prosecution for crimes. Bob and his loyal band of soldiers and CIA officers bend, even break the law to get those terrorists.


Follow Jenna Bush from bar to vacation spot with her Secret Service detail. Watch Jenna convort at St. Barts, drink in Cancun, dance the night away in Monte Carlo, and meet rich boys from around the world.

Note: The Iraq episode was cancelled when Jenna found no booze would be served.


The antics of warbloggers will have you screaming as they post from their various studios and basements. SF31, Bushlover, AmericanEagle and YellowRibbon Woman take on online terrorists, Michael Moore and liberals to protect America

posted by Steve @ 12:01:00 AM

12:01:00 AM

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