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Comments by YACCS
Friday, December 23, 2005

Oh Jesus

We love Stormfront

Seems a Fox station did a positive story on fucking Stormfront.


"Bob Whitaker and I were interviewed in the Fox video clip that you can view at the link below. We got a chance to point out to the viewers that Stormfront has 65,000 Members, 2,000,000 posts, and is dedicated only to the survival of the White race. Bob was interviewed on camera in Columbia, S.C. and I was interviewed by phone in Florida. I like the story that was done, what do you think after viewing it?"

(FOX pulled the video off the page.)

Read the rest of the thread if you want to get sick: "It's a web site with everything from dating advice and homemaking threads, to discussion boards that focus on news that white activists want to know. is a web site founded on the belief that the white race is a dying on"

From Blair Watch: "Thanks to all for the positive assessments of this interview with Fox TV. The Fox TV Carolina staff was very professional and made it easy for Bob and me. One detail that I forgot (until just yesterday) was to unmoderate our new Stormfront Member, FOXSC, so that Fox could post more easily on Stormfront. We've also got Fox5News and Fox-News as Stormfront Members."

UPDATE: Fox Carolina Reporter Active On White Supremacist Website

Tami Birckner, the Fox Carolina reporter who ran the one-sided fluff piece on, a popular hub for white supremacists and anti-Semites, was an active participant in the website's chat forums.

Think Progress contacted Birckner this afternoon and she confirmed that she is "FOXSC" on StormFront's forums. Since joining in October, Birckner has posted five times, often gaining feedback (and praise) on her StormFront coverage:

FOXSC, 11/10/05:

I am FOX Carolina reporter who reported this story. I contacted dozens of Stormfront members, all of whom (with the exception of Bob Whitaker and Jamie Kelso) declined to talk with me for this story because of the believed slant I would put into this story. I hope this can show those of you who have little faith in the media that there are journalists who take pride in being factual and unbiased.

FOXSC, 11/10/05:

I am the reporter who did this story. For those of you who live in the FOX Carolina viewing area, I am willing to do a follow-up story to show a better make-up of the people who are members and talk more in-depth about your beliefs. THis would probably air in February. Let me know if you are interested.

Birckner's praise of StormFront didn't go unnoticed by Jamie Kelso ("Charles Lindbergh"), the site's Senior Moderator, 11/14/05:

One detail that I forgot (until just yesterday) was to unmoderate our new Stormfront Member, FOXSC, so that Fox could post more easily on Stormfront.

Birckner told Think Progress that she is unsure whether or not she will be doing a follow-up piece and is waiting to hear more from the "local community." When asked why she didn't include some voices that were critical of StormFront, she replied she did the story exactly as she was told to and that officials at the network were very pleased with her coverage.

posted by Steve @ 12:44:00 AM

12:44:00 AM

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