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Saturday, December 31, 2005

My favorite moments of 2005

Look at the baybee panda

My favorite commercial to yell at:

The new Army commericals where the black kid says he wants to go in the Army to his mother and be an engineer

My response: You ain't goin' in no damn Army boy, I don't give a damn what that recruiter says. You wanna be a what? Boy, you know what engineers do? Blow shit up. Are you out your goddamn mind? They'll gonna ship your black ass to Iraq as soon as you finish training. Boy, let me talk to that motherfu...recruiter.

"Hello, Mr. Recruiter, you ain't sending my boy to no Iraq to die for George Bush. I rather him be ignorant and alive than ignorant and dead. Don't you call my house again. Lyin' bastard."

Favorite Bush gaffe

Playing Mark Willis's guitar as people died in New Orleans

Favorite Cheney gaffe

"They're in their last throes"

Best Americans of the year

The Coast Guard rescue swimmers who went with no warning to save the lives of New Orleans residents while no one else did anything.

Worst American of the year

Michael Brown

Most craven act by negroes

Mychal Massie; "Slavery was a good thing"

Runner up

John McWhorter and Robert George: Bill Bennett isn't a racist.

Biggest fictional event used by Republicans

The case of the flying Oreos at Morgan State. It was a barrage, no a delugue. Funny how they leave out the catcalls and insults, which did happen.

My favorite "straight" Republican

David Dreiher. Once used Doro Bush as a beard, was turned aside by his fellow Republicans for being "straight".

Most odious comment of the year by a wingnut

John Goldberg's jokes about people swimming in the Superdome

Runner up

John Derbyshire's comment that black people had no self control

Coolest thing said by a famous person

George Clooney reminding Bill O'Reilly about Andrea Mackris

Coolest thing done by a famous person

Johnny Depp writing a wonderful eulogy in Rolling Stone for Hunter S. Thompson, then paying for a massive memorial service, complete wit ash tossing cannon.

Most pathetic defense

Andy Sullivan reminding us how great the Bell Curve is, or Intelligent Design for racists.

Republican most likely to send people to jail

Jack Abramhoff

Best Press Conference of the year

Pat Fitzgerald explaining why Scooter Libby was indicted.

Most pathetic performance by a Press spokesman

Scott McClellan explaining why they have nothing to say about Scooter Libby being indicted

Bush's most boneheaded play

Trying to steal social security and not getting that people didn't trust Wall Street enough for that.

Most obvious attempt at revenge

The Bush reverse leak investigation. My favorite response: say you're a whistleblower and demand protection under the whistleblower statute, because you think the wiretaps are illegal.

Which ticking time bomb goes off first contest

Is it the Plame leak investigation or Abramhoff rolling over on his friends.

The obvious statement masquerading as radicalism

Kanye West "George Bush doesn't care about black people"

Bush's worst single moment of the year

"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job"

The most loathsome Americans of the year

The Schindler family. Unconcerned children might get hurt in their lunatic quest until people mentioned it on TV

Worst play of the year

Speeding past Cindy Sheehan on way to a fundraiser

Favorite campaign of the year

OH-2, where Paul Hackett nearly won, now 30 Iraq War vets are running for Congress

Best single political moment of the year

Jack Murtha calling for the end of the Iraq War

Biggest political gaffe of the year

Jean Schmidt using the word coward on the House floor in criticizing the double purple heart and Bronze Star winner Murtha.

Worst judgement of the year

Condi Rice shopping for Ferragamos while people drowned in New Orleans

And the comment of the year

Barbara Bush "they probably never had it so good"

Best Single Column of the Year

Maureen Dowd calling for Judy Miller to be fired, and calling her a whore in the process. Who says the Irish can't hold a grudge? Asked to give up a seat 20 years ago, Dowd remembered it all too well.

Three people we'll miss

Hunter Thompson

Peter Jennings

Richard Pryor

Three we won't

Scooter Libby

Judy Miller

Duke Cunningham

posted by Steve @ 2:16:00 AM

2:16:00 AM

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