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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The arrogance of the media

American journalism, 2005

You know, when I read David Corn, his columns come to my e-mail box, I know our politics are the same, more or less, but I can't help thinking what a deluded motherfucker he is. I'm sure Jeff Gannon was not a bad guy and Viv Novak is a nice person, but who gives a shit.

I grew up with the idea of Bob Woodward as the ultimate journalist. Now, I wouldn't lift my leg to piss on him. Why? Because he's turned his back on what his duty was, to serve the public, not his buddies in government.

Corn seems to think political analysis is for other people, not his friends. I mean, could you see Rick Perlstein or Matt Taibbi working with Ass Clown Media? Fuck no, God no. But Corn signs on to what is basically Race and Reason media and smiles. You know, when the Free French came back to France, loaded for bear, ready to fuck people up, a lot of people said "I was working on the inside, I was always against the Germans". It was bullshit to a LOT of people, especially if their relatives had been shipped off to Germany and acted accordingly.

Just because Corn says he shares our beliefs, I hold to another set of beliefs, first annunciated by James Carville, that "I don't work for racists". You would think he would hold to the same, but it seems he doesn't.

Take a look at John Harris. This clueless motherfucker has no idea of the pain which can come from his arrogance. We are no longer a passive audience. This is just the beginning of a seachange at how people look at the media and choose how to recieve information. Harris can put his dick in the air and piss at people, but they can piss back in large enough numbers to the point where he drowns.

Sure, he can fire Dan Froomkin, who will promptly set up his own, unedited blog, sell ads and be far more widely read than he is now. Just like Howard Stern has deplained to sattellite radio, Froomkin, who has another job, can walk away from the Post and keep his audience. He, like Paul Krugman, are no longer beholden to their nominal employer, because they have built an audience which is mobile.

Too many newspapers are willing to bend to the conventional wisdom that conservatives and their blogs have to be paid attention to. The reality is that conservative blogs are a very small part of the right wing network, but liberal blogs have a much wider influence.

The GOP is trying to demonize Move On again as a fringe movement, just like they tried with Daily Kos, but the reality is that this is the center-left, not some fans of Bob Avakian (who recently published his memoirs) or the Green Party. Move On members are people from all walks of life.

But as long as assclowns like Harris think they can snap to when conservatives call, and ignore or diminish liberals, they're going to get hammered, over and over. Conservatives are lazy, they respond to orders, liberals don't need or want the handholding.

How many e-mails did Harris get in a day? 675. Well, the old formula is that you get one letter for every hundred people who are pissed. Now, does Harris think the outrage over his comments are going to go away? They're archived forever, for one thing. The other is that as it spreads across the blogosphere, more people get pissed, more people send e-mails.

And it's just as easy to e-mail advertisers and Harris's bosses as well.

John Harris, among others, is going to find out that business as usual is over.

posted by Steve @ 12:06:00 AM

12:06:00 AM

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