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Comments by YACCS
Friday, December 30, 2005

Are you kidding me?

The short-fingered vulgarian and his wife

Well, would you hire this man to be gov?

Trump mulling Albany run, say GOP sources


ALBANY - Could New York's state capitol building become the next Trump Tower?

Republican sources said The Donald - who in 1999 toyed with the idea of running for the White House on the Reform Party line - is mulling a bid to persuade New Yorkers to hire him as their next governor.

Senate GOP leader Joseph Bruno tantalized reporters yesterday by declaring a wealthy mystery candidate is "thinking" about seeking the party's backing to replace Gov. Pataki.

Bruno - a longtime Trump admirer who has gained new clout within statewide GOP circles as Pataki prepares to leave state politics - wouldn't name the potential candidate.

"When it gets public, you are all going to become excited, interested, and will want to write about it," said Bruno. "This person is thinking about it, and I bet you you'll vote for him if he ends up running."

A billionaire Republican, real estate developer, casino mogul and TV star, Trump has been a big supporter of the Bruno-controlled troupe of Republican state senators.

But he's also sent donations to Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, the current Democratic front-runner in the governor's race.

Oh yeah, so he can finally explain why he helped frame five innocent kids with his inflamatory full page ad? Or how he kept going bankrupt? Or how a casino owner could be governor?

Trump cannot withstand the public scrutiny of his entire career and personal activities. Eliot Spitzer is not Freddie Ferrer.

posted by Steve @ 5:10:00 PM

5:10:00 PM

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