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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Our hero

Roger Ailes posted this up


You've got to hand it to them. It can't be easy to find rich suckers who can be bamboozled into buying this:

In the beginning, however, they will be somewhat dependent on that same mainstream media. The site will have links to the top news headlines of the day, as reported by the AP and other establishment news sources.

Here's the difference: alongside each news headline, Pajamas Media will link related blog posts that their editors consider to be the most interesting or insightful out there. And as the story evolves, so will the blog links. Pajamas Media's coverage and commentary will be worldwide and around-the-clock. They already have blogger editors lined up in Europe and Australia.

Corn, you get the 3 a.m. shift. Hall, 4 a.m. Cooper, get Mr. Johnson another drink.

Pajamas Media will also distinguish itself from the mainstream folks, according to Simon, with "a new method of fact-checking."

An internal instant-messaging system will link their correspondents all over the world. If there are any doubts about a report's veracity, they can call on the expertise of their editors instantly.

These editors thus far include California-based freelance journalist Jill Stewart, Tennessee-based Glenn Reynolds of the ur-blog Instapundit, and Aussie columnist Tim Blair.

aznh8tr: gr8 catch on those MD ecoterrorists, Glenn.

tncrkr: tx. yr OUIslamofascist expose is g2g.

More than that, however, Johnson and Simon consider the entire blogosphere their fact-checkers. This is a sacred tenet among many bloggers. If a blogger makes a mistake, readers will call him on it right away, either via comment or email. And the blogger is honor-bound to corect it immediately and clearly.

Stop it. You're killing me.

Johnson and Simon claim that, like most bloggers, they will not hesitate to own up to errors.

Like that whole "Lawrence Franklin is being railroaded thing."

Johnson and Simon insist that ideology will not play a role in their quest to locate the best blog posts. Both are former liberal Democrats who turned to the right after 9/11. They've made a deliberate effort to include all angles on their board of editors. For example, "you've got David Corn on one side, and Michael Barone on the other," Simon said. "And in the middle Tammy Bruce."

That's hot.

Can (another) neocon Memeorandum which relies upon the accuracy and integrity of Charles Johnson and Michael Leeden be successful? Sorry to break it to you, you deep-pocketed chumps, but Roger el-Simon doesn't give a fuck. He'll "worry later on as to whether we succeed."

Wow, David, do you really want be the blogosphere's Alan Colmes?

posted by Steve @ 11:42:00 AM

11:42:00 AM

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