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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Serie A to protest racism

Fuck this shit

Italian footballers unite against racism

The Italian Football Federation has ordered all games in the country this week to kick off five minutes late to allow players to demonstrate their opposition to racism.

The decision was sparked by Messina's Ivory Coast defender Zoro, who threatened to leave the field in protest against racist jeering from visiting Inter Milan fans in a Serie A match over the weekend.

The Federation said that all the midweek Italian Cup fixtures along with next week's league games at all levels down to amateur football would be delayed with the players taking to the field holding banners declaring 'No to Racism'.

Zoro, who had been jeered by Inter fans throughout the game, picked up the ball in the 66th minute and headed off the field towards the fourth official before other players urged him to continue with the game.
In the US, racial taunting is extremely uncommon in sports and not tolerated by the leagues. Race is now down to membership in private clubs for golf tournaments.

It isn't unknown, like the idiotic taunting at the Giants-Saints game, but it's rare enough to be an oddity.

FIFA needs to step in with a heavy hand to prevent what could lead to the next Heysel. Despite 20 years of progress and shedding the image of yobbo infested, violence tolerant sport. Open racism is not only bad ethically, but could hurt the worldwide growth of European football, the sport's highest and most financially lucrative form. If MLS was competative, many African players would find life in US stadiums much more appealing.

But sport only reflects wider tensions within the society. As Europeans debate how to become multiracial societies, the animus towards minorities is reflected in the terraces and on the pitch

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