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Friday, November 04, 2005

The party of inclusion at work

Virginia Nazis in Ohio. Do they
meet with the GOP next?

This is from Fired Up Missouri:

Just How Extensive Are The Ties Between Missouri Republicans and the Church of Israel?
According to the Sunday Nevada Herald, the Vernon County Republicans hosted a reception last Thursday evening in Nevada, MO. The meeting was attended by State Senator Chris Koster, Rep. Barney Fisher, Judge Jerry McBeth, and Tera Elliot, one of Governor Blunt's appointees, who all spoke.

According to the news story, children from the Church of Israel sang "God Bless America" and "The Star Spangled Banner."

Is anyone else surprised that Missouri Republicans would be associating with a group so prominently tied to white supremacists and anti-Semitics? The Church's leaders also have ties to David Tate, who murdered a Missouri State Trooper and Eric Rudolph, the infamous bomber.

Here is background on the founder of the Church of Israel, Dan Gayman.

And here is an interview with Gayman's son from the Intelligence Report, a project of the Southern Law Poverty Center, which tracks hate groups.

And here is an extensive blurb from a 1999, St. Louis Post Dispatch story:

Scott Stinson opened his worn Bible and began reading Scripture aloud. His glaring eyes showed his frustration with a society he says ignores the truth God established for the world.

Stinson's world consists of more than 700 acres of wilderness and a newly built church near tiny Schell City on the western edge of Missouri. His church is part of the Church of Christian Identity, which considers white people superior to Jews and nonwhites.

Missouri has become a hotbed for the Christian Identity movement, whose members include Buford O. Furrow Jr., the white supremacist accused of killing a postal worker and wounding five people at a Jewish community center in Los Angeles.

When Furrow surrendered Wednesday, he reportedly said he wanted "this to be a wake-up call to America to kill Jews." A prosecutor said Furrow confessed to killing a Filipino-American postal worker because he was not white.

Other Christian Identity members are tied to the recent arsons at three synagogues in Sacramento and other violent crimes.

Stinson's church -- it's called the Church of Israel -- looks more like a serene YMCA camp than a breeding ground for radical, racist thought. "I'm not some dumb hick," Stinson said last week. "The conclusions I've drawn are considered politically incorrect by the thought police of today. We are branded with a stigma. We've been called white supremacists walking around with Adolf Hitler."

Note to the media, attributions appreciated: As first reported on the political website,

So, is this the party of inclusion in action?

Meeting with white supremacists?

Why should ANY American politician meet with these people? And how, when they do that, can they expect non-white people to support them. These is simply no reason to attend anything to do with these people. Much less hold a reception with these people, who are clearly white supremacists.

Would Lincoln meet with Nazis? Is this going to encourage people to leave the "liberal plantation"?

Despite all the good intentions of Ken Mehlman, and appealing to every American is good, his party undermines him at every turn. There is simply no excuse for meeting with white supremacists.

posted by Steve @ 3:10:00 PM

3:10:00 PM

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