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Comments by YACCS
Monday, October 03, 2005

These people aren't serious

John McWhorter and Robert George defended me. So I didn't say anything wrong

Indefensible inaction

These have been a particularly bad couple of weeks for the elephants. The President's approval rating and support of the war in Iraq have fallen lower than a snake in wagon tracks; Katrina put the Republican agenda on the dunking stool, while the nation watched. Now Tom DeLay and Bill Frist are under investigation and may fall before the scythe of the law for ethics infractions or insider trading. Wow.

If that is not enough helium in the balloon heading for the high flame of media attention, Bill Bennett, an admitted out-of-control gambler, has rolled a public statement as unlucky as snake eyes, which actually sounded as though he was running for czar of genocide.


Bennett's statement was quoted in the truncated version that one would expect of his opponents, who play no more fairly than the elephants do. Beyond the inflammatory statement, Bennett went on to condemn such an idea as morally reprehensible. We have heard Bennett defend himself on the Fox network, the starship of media support for the elephants, saying that he will stand by his record. He said that those who gave a shortened version of his statement were not interested in his real record or in serious discussion of the matters of race, poverty, crime and education.

That is only partially right because many in his party do not seem interested in serious discussions on, for one, education. The revolution needed calls for much more than the Republican proposal to provide opportunities to go to private schools. It is a position that has long been no more than a hill of rhetorical dung. Let's say billionaires descended on Los Angeles, Chicago or New York and pledge to underwrite every family needing the money for a private school education. Where would these children go? Would a demand suddenly produce the response of schools chock full of capable teachers? Hardly.

................. The most optimistic among us could even imagine that DeLay and Frist - especially now - might be inspired to lead the way on the GOP side. That is not asking too much and it is the duty of both parties to come up with serious solutions, not just condemnations of each other.

Now Crouch is no liberal and he gives the GOP way too much credit. But he's not defending Bennett, either, like George and McWhorter. I mean, it's beyond optimism to think DeLay and Frist want to talk about serious issues, but at least he's not defending the indefensible.

The fact is that Crouch assumes they're serious in their rhetoric. They aren't. They want to fund seg academies in the South, that's it. And Bennett "real" record is hardly much better. This is the man who refused to help public schools when Education Secretary. I think Crouch lives in a fantasy world of bipartisan cooperation. Bennett's words indicates his real feelings.

posted by Steve @ 4:01:00 PM

4:01:00 PM

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