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Thursday, September 29, 2005

We go to the movies

Jen and I shared nachos

A week or so ago, Jen made a challenge to me.

She said she would watch football with me if I went to Sephora and Lush, and expressed an opinion on what she bought.

Well, of course I have opinions, I do own a penis and do like women. But I can't dress my niece, how am I going to dress a grown woman? Much less advise her on makeup?

But being game, I said "Ok, meet me in front of Sephora on 34th Street at 1:30 on Sunday. The Giants come on at 8"

She e-mailed me saying "Oh it was a joke, I'd never make you do that."

Hell, she's already made me do that, but without opinions. She even took my niece to Sephora. My eight year niece. Who loved the place. And who I wouldn't buy anything for because my sister would have killed me.

But it amused me to call her bluff.

So, tonight, Josh Marshall had gotten tickets to a screening of Serenity, the movie version of the shortlived Fox series Firefox Firefly. My only question what do Fox execs regret more, cancelling Family Guy, or this show?

It's a good, exciting movie, more fantasy than sci-fi.

I won't spoil it, so all I'll say is that we had a good time and shared nachos. Which with a soda cost $10.25.

And let me thank Josh for the tickets.

On the way out, Jen was bitching about not having cable. In that way, she's like my mom, frugal. She won't pony up for Time Warner and is hoping RCN will cover her building.

I suggested that she, of course, get a Direct TV Dish. Which she could do, would be cheaper than cable, and get pretty good reception. She has a 27" Sony Wega. I have a 24".

"And, no, I'm not going to get a Dish TV and Sunday ticket, so you can sit on your ass all day and I make pea soup, that is the plan, isn't it."

"Well," I said "something like that." I mean, I wouldn't make her fix pea soup, she lives near enough restaurants for me to bring food. But yeah, that was the idea.

Not really, but it made us laugh.

I like stopping in the bar and yelling for a couple of hours. I don't think Jen would appreciate that.

posted by Steve @ 2:42:00 AM

2:42:00 AM

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