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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, September 29, 2005

A reponse from Lower Manhattanite

Baby Aardvark

Lower Manhattanite responds to Mr. George's comments.

I'll have more to say later, but let me put it like this: if you don't want to be called a nigger, don't act like one. I'm a New Yorker, I say exactly what I mean.

Wow. Who knew it would get to this point?

A reading of my actual comment notes several times that I actually give George a bit of distance from a lot of his damaged Black brethren on the right. I also call attention to his seeming conflict with his place among his White brethren on the right as well. I did...I did use some pretty blunt and yeah, I'll say it...downright venomous language to describe his runnin' buddies.


Because these folks...these few, for the most part unquestioning, self-centered folks do damage far in excess of their number to African Americans by giving the wide, evil vein of bigotry in the GOP cover for its destructive policies against Black folks on the whole. I'm thinking beyond myself and of African Americans as a whole...the people Bush and his FEMA jockey Mike Brown left to die in fetid water and pestillence. The people who GOP anointed "morals" exemplar William Bennett oh-so-easily imagined having all their babies aborted as some draconian crime-lowering measure. The people who in virtually every election since reconstruction have seen racists in power champion, exult in and actively foster suppressing their votes while their ancestors built so much of this land via their uncompensated slave labor.

If I come off as harsh and hostile, well then allow me to quote from an old school joint by Public Enemy.

"Hostile? I got a right to be hostile! My people's bein' persecuted!"

His tortured and wan spinning for the GOP and by extension, these policies spurs a wellspring of white-hot anger in me and evidently the vast majority of Black folk as well when one considers their bitter response to these sparse colored chips in the right's powdery sugar cookie.

My comment on the two middle-aged noir-cons from D.C. stands. Trotting out a "fantasy" (and a fantasy is exactly what it is) about some multitude of Black conservatives swanning about D.C. is well...kind of nutty when one looks at teh facts. Is D.C. or is it not a staggeringly majority Black, Democratic city? It is almost legendary for that status. (And has seen it's voting power and representation diminshed for thaat very reason) Considering the repeated, and well-chronicled attempts for Black conservatives to marshall their feeble numbers and band together, the idea that these two men havdn't crossed paths still seems kind of strange.

And my calling George "kid" was based on his youthful on-air appearance--flatteringly, he scans as about fifteen years younger than his stated age. (Which is still a touch younger than mine)

I do compliment him on his Dorian Gray-ish presentation.

But I will continue to savage his race-damaging coziness with those who hate us and mean us literal harm. My tossing out fightin' words like "Boy", "Tom", "Lawn Jockey" and "Buck Dancin'" are meant to shock and stun--to be a sledgehammer between the eyes to get the attention of glaze-visioned deniers of his ilk and to set off warning klaxons for those of us who may sleep on the sneakiness of the selfishly seductive Black GOP message.

As to Floyd Flake, let us not go there with him...please? I lived in his district for much of my life. That pork he got from the GOP enriched virtually nothing but his little local fiefdom. His church's housing, his church's senior citizen center, his church's voucher-funded school. Parks, streets and the Addisleigh Park VA hospital in his district all went wanting while projects he benefited from drowned in largesse. He was a dirty politician even before his "sleeping GOP" got out. Financial impropriety and personal sleaziness sticks to him like a polyester choir robe in August.

And what is so terribly telling...what drives the point Steve and I made home all the more is Robert's sad equivocating. In his world, Black people loudly decrying injustice and its enablers are somehow equal to, if not worse than a racism-striated GOP that actively enacts impactfully negative policy that actually damages the lives of African Americans.

Mean Black words and opinion tops tangible, destructive, anti-Black GOP actions.

Ain't that a b*tch?

Believe it or not though, I don't dislike George. At least he apparently has moments where he looks to his left and right and occasionally senses the suit and flag-pin concealed evil standing about him. That's more than a Thomas Sowell, Ken Hamblin, Larry Elder and most certainly a Clarence Thomas ever think to do. And even within his rather pissant comeback-ing, I can see an actual sincerity there in him. Someone trying to figure it out. Whatever it may be.

I can respect that.

Oh. One last thang?

"However, none of the words uttered by these GOpers are laced with the overt historically demeaning and racist venom that seeps throughout Steve Gilliard's post. One response is that, "Black people can use these words; we can take them back, just like rappers have taken the N-to-the-I-to-the-Double-G-A slur." Well, on the latter one, there is much debate: Hip-hop has managed re-introduce into everyday language a hateful word that all but the most blatant racist refrained from ever using in public."

"Re-introduce into everyday language"?

Are you serious?

I'm reminded of a joke a member of a prominent Black Broadcasting family told me years ago.

He said, "Do you know what the word n*gger means? It's shorthand for Black person who just left the room""


Gravatar One last thing on Floyd Flake and his willingness to compromise to enrich himself and his interests...

What makes his act al the more disgusting is that 40 years ago, another prominent pastor from New York who was also a congressman used his access to the levers of power to help downtrodden people in general...not his own collection plate-filling flock. This congressman rammed through HeadStart, college grants, food stamps, minimum wage increases, financed education and training for the deaf and funded vocational training.

Millions...millions of disenfranchised Americans were fed, schooled and found jobs thanks to this congressman's actions.

Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

Who while a flawed, overly gregarious man of huge, bacchanalian tendencies, actually looked out for the little guy.

Unlike the pocket-lining, opportunistic coward Flake.

posted by Steve @ 12:02:00 PM

12:02:00 PM

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