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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, September 15, 2005

Inside NRO

A National Review Online Staff Meeting

We've gotten a transcript of a recent National Review Online staff meeting.

In the room are John Derbyshire, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Deroy Murdoch, Byron York, Rich Lowry and Jonah Goldberg.

They file into the room and sit down.

JG: Deroy, come here

DM: Yes suh, Mr. Goldberg.

HE gets up and stands next to Goldberg, who lifts his leg up, which DM grabs

JG: Didn't I give specific instructions on shining my shoes.

DM: Yes suh.

JG: So why is there a scuff on the toe of my brown loafers.

DM: Scuff?

JG: Don't back talk me, Deroy.

DM: No suh.

JG: See, there is a scuff at the toe. I pay you for pefection, not half done work. I want all my shoes shined before you leave.

DM: But it's my father's birthday

The room laughs

DM: Was I funny?

JG: You? Father's birthday? Why that could be all of South Central LA. Sit down Deroy. We have to tell you what to write before you can shine my shoes.
Lopez, did you clean the toilets?

KL: Yes, sir.

JG: Good. Listen, you two write your usual tripe. Now go, and Deroy, I want those shoes spitshined.

DM: Yes sir.

JG: Now get out of here.

They leave, heads lowered.

JD: Why do you treat that nig nog so nice?

JG: He writes so well for a shine boy

They all laugh

RL: Marvelous work on mocking those silly negroes in New Orleans.

BY: Why yes. I think you're sidespliting funny. Who cares about some dead niglets. Give me water, give me food, they always want something.

JD: You know, if Negro wenches had gills, they could suck you off in your swimming pool

They all laugh.

BY: So what's up for next week:

JG: Personal Responsibility after Katrina: let the nigras get jobs or starve

JD: Why Negroes drown: the superiority of the white race

RL: How Bush saved New Orleans from maurauding negro looters.

BY: And I"ll have: The failure of black politics, how Bush saved Nagin.

JG: Yes. Excuse me gentlemen, I have to make sure Deroy is shining my shoes.

BY: And make sure Lopez gets my laundry.

JG: Of course.

JG leaves

BY: That Jew is getitng ahead of himself.

JD: Yes. He doesn't know his place.

RL: We need him. But one day.....that Jew will learn who his betters are.

posted by Steve @ 1:35:00 AM

1:35:00 AM

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