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Comments by YACCS
Monday, August 29, 2005

Small penis=genius

Can't you see the natural superiority of the
White Race?

Atrios goes after the Bell Curve again

THE KNOW-NOTHING LEFT: A useful round-up of hysterical far left responses to any legitimate discussion of intelligence and group differences. Far left activist Atrios calls me "a bigot or a fool" in his post. No, Mr Black. Just interested in the truth. He also says that my claim to have published an extract from the Bell Curve before anyone else is untrue. He's wrong. TNR ran the only advance piece by Murray on the subject. And the cover-date for TNR is always a couple of weeks ahead of the actual published date (it keeps its shelf-life on news-stands), which may account for Atrios' error. The magazine was certainly not alone in covering the controversy. But we pioneered it. I have the scars to show for it.

Poor Andy Sullivan.

He thinks a theory which is based on penis size and IQ tests is definiative.

Why not moles and anal depth? The more moles you have, the dumber you are.

What he simply refuses to understand is this: there is no legitimate discussion of intelligence and group differences.

I wouldn't be as nice as Atrios.

I'd call him an out and out racist.

Because only a racist could push this theory.


Think about it.

No white person ever pushes this theory to advance black intelligence and survival skills. They only do it to show how smart white folks is and how dumb niggers are. And that they have big dicks, which also comfirms their animal-like idiocy.

None of the eugenicists ever promote black intelligence and athletic ability, or the idea that large penises increase fertility and may well have been a creation of racial breeding in slavery.

None of these theories ever rebound to the benefit of black people, always their detriment. Always.

If you had an experiment which, despite variables, came with the same conclusion, you might question the experiment.

I bought that issue of the TNR and every writer, except Sullivan, ridiculed the book and the idea. Yet, Andy is proud of this? Why?

I think the answer lies in a post by an Atrios reader who claimed to have gone to school with Sullivan and said he defended the Apartheid state of South Africa because blacks wouldn't be able to run the country. If true, it proves how deeply racist Suillivan is.

What is amazing is that he continues to think that he can argue that the Bell Curve, derided by geneticists as nonsense, you know experts in the field, as somehow valid. Well it is, at the Klan meeting and the Southern Party conclaves. But in most legitimate society, it's the ranting of racists.

posted by Steve @ 1:29:00 PM

1:29:00 PM

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