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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, August 21, 2005

A letter to a young Republican

Combat Infantryman

The problem with young Republicans is that they reduce matters of life and death into policy debates.

When challenged on their enlistment status, many Young Republicans cite the service of others, or how they're fighting liberals and for lower taxes.

It is not the same.

It isn't even close to the same.

Walking point in Ramadi is not the same as writing a policy paper at the Heritage Foundation.

What you need to be told, repeatedly is that it is disrespectful in the extreme to compare such work to serving in combat. It trivializes and demeans those who risk their lives daily in Iraq.

Claiming you support the military while demeaning their service with your facile comparisons indicate the opposite.

Thomas Paine supported the Revolution with a rifle as an infantryman.

He didn't support it from Starbucks over a nasty blog post.

If a cause isn't worth serving, what is it worth? Cheap words?

You demand sacrifice from everyone but yourself. So why should we take you seriously. I can play Risk as well. I just don't ask people to die for me in the process.

When the left wanted to save the Spanish Republic, they fought in Spain.

When they wanted to stop Hitler, they joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Army. They didn't publish nasty articles in PM. They risked and some lost, their lives.

Why? Because they felt freedom was more important than anything else in their lives.

What did the right do? Praise Hitler and ignore his crimes.

We know you are blowhards, cowards, who expect others to do what you want done.

But don't compare your selfish lives with military service unless you wear Kevlar to work and dodge mortars off the highway. We have sent our men and women into harms way with less than what they need. Even men.

Oh, you can spout your twaddle all you want, to whomever you want, you have that right.

But don't pretend you support the military. You don't. You just support the war. The military is besides the point to you. Not to their families, but to you. So save the lectures on patriotism and who wants us to lose the war. You do. You aren't serving. Neither in the military or the interest of this country. Just in your sad, febrile fantasy world of dead brown people and Marines slaying dragons.

posted by Steve @ 12:38:00 AM

12:38:00 AM

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