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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm digging a hole and the rain comes in

Hey, just because she can't walk doesn't mean
she can't leave.

Ethan from Salto Mortale sent this by.

He just keeps on winning.

Several readers complain that it's in fact true that the hurricane will disproportionately affect poor people. I don't really dispute that in the sense most mean it. Yes, the poor will have special hardships. Obviously so. But what I objected to, and still object to, is the reflexive playing of the class card. Is it really true that some middle class retirees who heeded the advice of the government to leave town, only to watch their homes be looted after a lifetime of hardwork for a better life are suffering less than a poor person who lost his rented apartment? What's the metric for measuring this sort of suffering? What about the small businessman who worked his entire life to build something he's proud of? What about the families who lost loved ones, but had the poor taste to make more money than the poverty line?

Whatever happened to the idea that unity in the face of a calamity is an important value? We're all in it together, I guess, except for the poor who are extra-special.
Because the poor, having little savings, have an increased chance of DYING due to the lack of resources in the affected area, JONAH, YOU STUPID PRIVILEGED BITCH. Free temporary housing and food may not come soon for tens or hundreds of thousands of poor people. Savings could make all the difference. It's not like poor people are gonna get checks in the mail anytime soon.

He's un-fucking-believable.

I wonder if he's ever missed a meal.

Goldberg is dense. He whips out the racist canard of thieving blacks and forgets that the hurricane ruined those businesses and it's all about survival now, although for a man who mocked this yesterday, he should understand that.

No one in New Orleans except for the cops, have a job. Even the middle class will soon max out their credit cards and drain their savings. A lot more people are going to be poor in New Orelans without the coping skills.

On the night of March 9-10, 1945, the 20th Air Force took off from their fields on Saipan and Tinian loaded with 5,000 lbs of incendiaries.

By the time they finished, 100,000 were dead, 1m homeless.

These are the bombed out areas of Japan's major cities in
1945. On the left is Tokyo.

That is the frame of reference for New Orleans. Not a hurricane like in Florida. We are talking total devestation and a massive rebuilding effort taking years and people have not come to grips with that.

A note: People are wondering why there is such an emphasis on the Casinos on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the reason is simple. It is to that region what the Port of New Orleans is to Louisiana. It is $500K per day, $182m in revenue a year. I'd worry about that as well.

posted by Steve @ 5:22:00 PM

5:22:00 PM

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