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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Dreaming of fountains

Yes, it's that fucking hot

Shit, it is silly hot in New York. It must have been 90 last night.

Ok, last week, Jen was down on St. Mark's Place when the lights went out in the street. As she stood on the corner, a skinny guy in a kilt was directing traffic. Distrurbed, Jen asked the gathering crowd of cops and firefighters why this guy was doing this

They told her that he was an off-duty cop.

Every day, I pass a couple of parks with fountains for kids, little kids. When I was a kid, we used to pop open the fire hydrants and start spraying each other. We'd scrape the ends off some cans, hold them up to the water, and hose people down like civil rights protesters. People would charge the hydrant with cardboard sheets, hold people in and dodge cars. We would be dripping cold water, plastered to our skin through our T-shirts.

Now, at 40, I stare at those fountains. I can't run in them, that would be silly, really silly. But it would be nice to. But since no one over eight does, well.....

Yes, we went to see Rude Pundit last night. It was great. Too bad it's sold out. But I'll post up on that latter.

However, I finally got Jen to eat at Cozy's. She loved the pea soup, not as good as her mom's but good. Then she had a hamburger.

Well, after the show, we were going to have a drink with some bloggers, which I will also discuss later.

Jen says to me at the end of the show, "I have to get some water". We walk two blocks up and she gets a quart of water. Drinks it and says " I have to go home". I figured it was the heat or I would have put her in a cab or brought her home to my place if she was really out of it.

But she said no, and walked up to the train.

Where she saw six Japanese girls trying to hold up a drunk and a dog who passed out from the heat. At night. They ran to get him water, but he passed out.

She has apologized profusely for getting sick, which is insane. She was ill. You can't keep Jen away from a social gathering. She's far more social than I am. I knew something was wrong when she got cranky. Which is rare.

So she finally got home, drank more water and was on the toliet all night and most of the day. She's been drinking water and should feel better soon. But that kinda sucked. I think the burger wasn't cooked through, because I didn't get sick, I had a Turkey Club and ate very little of it. But after years of cajoling her, telling true stories and explaining why I've loved the place for over 20 years, as do all my NYU alum friends, she eats there and spends the day on the bowl.

Next time, medium well. Or more likely, a non-burger.

New York is humid, muggy humid, more than hot. It beats you down, makes you feel wet. And makes you dream of running through fountains like a five year old.

posted by Steve @ 6:31:00 PM

6:31:00 PM

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