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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Another day, another attack

Mrs. Sheehan and supporters

This was posted on Amanda Harris thought she should share this with the world about people she never met. (we don't link to right wing sites)

Cindy Sheehan

Can we bring back the public stocks? Seriously, can we? I mean, we can make it into a reality tv show (there, Hollywood’s on it like a shot, The Making of special on the Travel Channel showing the factory where the manufactured Lyptus™ wood stocks are cut and shaped and polished is already in the works). Because there are people in this country in serious need of some real public humiliation, involving being held immobile in an uncomfortable position, not in a discreet prison far away like Abu Ghraib, but in public — in, say, Times Square, while rotten cabbages are thrown at them.

Chief on the list is Raggedy Mom Doll Cindy Sheehan, who is currently occupying Camp Pathetic Wastes of Human Flesh outside of the President’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. One thing this proves is that Texans are sadly a whole lot more liberal and tolerant than they are always being accused of by the shitforbrains left: if they were actually as bigotted and short-tempered as they are always accused of being, there would be nothing left of Cindy Sheehan but a grease spot in the Texas dust.

Another thing this proves is that apple pie might just be the last goddamn pristine thing left of the American collective character. Sheehan belongs in a list of those mothers who have caused the mantle of motherhood to be tossed into the trash compactor, along with Mothers Who Left Their Unfulfilling Marriages to Find Their Real Whorish Selves and Lesbian Moms Who Named Their In-Vitro Sons “Claudette” In Order To Break Down Gender Stereotypes. No — she’s worse; I’ll bet you that even most trendy lesbomoms of boys-in-barrettes would balk at climbing into the regard of the life-hating left over the corpses of their sons. Then again, I could be wrong, this being the Age of Utter Gall. But at the very least bitches like this Sheehan witch should be shunned, with no pauses at “Aw, she’s crying” corner either.

Andrea Harris, who deletes comments on her site wrote this.

I would send her an e-mail if I had her address, but I don't. Google is a funny thing. It keeps everything on record. So one day, a future employer or boyfriend may read her words and end their relationship with her.

Ms. Harris,

Mrs. Sheehan lost her son in combat as a member of the US Army. Do you think your hurtful, vile words honor his memory? Do you think attacking his mother is some higher form of patriotism? Do you think her son would approve of you calling her a bitch? Do you think he would support that? Are you suggesting that Mrs. Sheehan be tortured or murdered for her actions? I doubt you'd actually express that opinion from anywhere but a keyboard.

While the locals may disagree with Mrs. Sheehan, they wouldn't disrespect her or the memory of her son, who died serving this country.

Do your cheap, cowardly words make you feel better? Do you take pride in attacking a woman who has lost her eldest son in combat? Is that your idea of patriotism. I don't see people going to supporters of the war and saying their children were suckers for fighting for Bush, nor do you. Regardless of their politics, they are treated with the respect and defference they are due for their sacrifice. So why can't you extend that courtesy to Mrs. Sheehan and her family. They did nothing more than lose a family member in Iraq and then ask to question the President why. She has every right to oppose the war which killed her eldest son.

As do people have the right to support it.

May you never be in Mrs. Sheehan's position, to love a loved one in war. You have no idea how you will react.

The last bomber shot down over Germany in WWII, the Black Cat, lost eight out of ten crewmen. That, in the words of one family member, destroyed their family. His aunt never moved from her home, in case her son was actually alive and would come looking for them. She said she didn't want to move and he then be unable to find her.

That is what losing someone in war can do to you.

I do not see how you gain by adding to the Sheehan's family's pain with your vile insults and cruel words. Because, that IS what you are doing. You may think it's just a post, but every cruel word is little better than spitting on Casey Sheehan's grave.

Why do you hate the families of America's servicemen so much?

posted by Steve @ 1:36:00 AM

1:36:00 AM

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