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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, July 30, 2005

What the hell?

Swim, cheese, swim

Cheese producers strive for perfection - but usually on dry land

Canadian salvage divers are searching for an unusual treasure - a vast hunk of sunken cheddar cheese.

Quebec cheese producer Luc Boivin threw 800kg (1,700lb) of cheese in the Baie des Ha! Ha! in north-east Canada, believing it would improve the taste.

But food hygiene inspectors say Mr Boivin can't sell his cheese without rigorous health testing.

But before cheese can be tested, it must be found, and divers have so far failed in the 40m (130ft) deep lake.

Mr Boivin's divers hope to satisfy the food standards authorities by finding the cheddar and taking samples from the cheese during its ageing process on the lake floor.

He suspects that the increased pressure and low temperatures at extreme depths accelerate the cheese ageing process and while keeping it perfectly cool.

posted by Steve @ 12:11:00 AM

12:11:00 AM

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