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Friday, July 29, 2005

The new hit list

McGruder, stop drawing those subversive
cartoons and put your hands up before we
come get your black ass.

Fat piece of shit Bernie Goldberg has the new enemies list. If I was on it, Bernie would be sued for defamation of character so quick his ass would spin before his head. Liberals take this shit way too fucking lightly. You want to say I'm ruining America, you better be prepared to do so before a jury.

Why? Because every time someone says this, it gives credence that the only loyal Americans worship dear leader and support conservatives, while we're all commies in waiting.

Win or lose, I don't play that shit. You want to defame my character, you better have some fucking proof or a good lawyer.

by Chris Bowers

There's a new right-wing book out called 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America. Markos makes the list at #52, James Wolcott at #64, and Katha Politt at #74. Go bloggers, but I have to say I am disappointed I failed to make it (maybe someday). By the way, that makes Markos and Wolcott greater threats than David Duke according to the author. I have included the list in the extended entry.

Anyway, its counter-list time. List off as many names of people who you think are "screwing up" America. Remember--they don't just have to be political,a nd they don't have to just be Republicans.

Culture :: Wed Jul 6th, 2005 at 04:01:27 PM EDT

  1. Michael Moore
  2. Arthur Sulzberger
  3. Ted Kennedy
  4. Jesse Jackson
  5. Anthony Romero
  6. Jimmy Carter
  7. Margaret Marshall
  8. Paul Krugman
  9. Jonathan Kozol
  10. Ralph Neas
  11. Noam Chomsky
  12. Dan Rather
  13. Andrew Heyward
  14. Mary Mapes
  15. Ted Rall
  16. John Edwards
  17. Al Sharpton
  18. Al Gore
  19. George Soros
  20. Howard Dean
  21. Judge Roy Moore
  22. Michael Newdow
  23. The Unknown American Terrorist
  24. Lee Bollinger
  25. James Kopp
  26. Dr. Martin Haskell
  27. Paul Begala
  28. Julian Bond
  29. John Green
  30. Latrell Sprewell
  31. Maury Povich
  32. Jerry Springer
  33. Bob Shrum
  34. Bill Moyers
  35. Jeff Danziger
  36. Nancy Hopkins
  37. Al Franken
  38. Jim McDermott
  39. Peter Singer
  40. Scott Harshbarger
  41. Susan Beresford
  42. Gloria Steinem
  43. Paul Eibeler
  44. Dennis Kozlowski
  45. Ken Lay
  46. Barbara Walters
  47. Maxine Waters
  48. Robert Byrd
  49. Ingrid Newkirk
  50. John Vasconellos
  51. Ann Pelo
  52. Markos Moulitsas
  53. Anna Nicole Smith
  54. Neal Shapiro
  55. David Westin
  56. Diane Sawyer
  57. Ted Field
  58. Eminem
  59. Shirley Franklin
  60. Ludacris
  61. Michael Savage
  62. Howard Stern
  63. Amy Richards
  64. James Wolcott
  65. Oliver Stone
  66. David Duke
  67. Randall Robinson
  68. Katherine Hanson
  69. Matt Kunitz
  70. Jimmy Swaggart
  71. Phil Donahue
  72. Ward Churchill
  73. Barbara Kingsolver
  74. Katha Politt
  75. Eric Foner
  76. Barbara Foley
  77. Linda Hirshman
  78. Norman Mailer
  79. Harry Belafonte
  80. Kitty Kelley
  81. Tim Robbins
  82. Laurie David
  83. The Dumb and Vicious Celebrity
  84. The Vicious Celebrity
  85. The Dumb Celebrity
  86. Chris Ofili
  87. Sheldon Hackney
  88. Aaron McGruder
  89. Jane Smiley
  90. Michael Jackson
  91. Barbara Streisand
  92. Kerri Dunn
  93. Richard Timmons
  94. Guy Velella
  95. Courtney Love
  96. Eve Ensler
  97. Todd Goldman
  98. Sheila Jackson Lee
  99. Matthew Lesko
  100. Rick and Kathy Hilton

My list: bitter ex-CBS employee, fat piece of shit Bernie Goldberg. Maybe he and Ed Klein should rent an office and think up of ways to attack more liberals. Maybe grab a drink with the whisky-sodden Chris "Kim Philby" Hitchens

posted by Steve @ 2:07:00 PM

2:07:00 PM

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