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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Me and museums pt 2

Jen and and kids standing in front of
Gogh's Starry Night, my niece's
favorite painting

Museums are interesting thing. They say as much about class and culture as the actual collection. To see working class, or even black or hispanic kids in one outside a school trip, is well, rare.

The Wedenesday after the 4th, Jen and I took my niece and nephew to MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art. Now, this was not my idea. Not even close. Let's see, almost every time we went to dinner, had drinks, talked on the phone, she would ask me "when are the kids coming down. Just let me know and we'll take them to MoMA."

For months.

My sister is a busy person, and catching up with her, much less getting her to come to the city, is a bit difficult.

So we had this discussion for months, ever since MoMA reopened.

The kids were excited, especially my niece, the family artist.

I had promised them this for months as well.

So Jen had taken the week off, mostly to clean and the like. So we decided that Wed. would be our "family" outting. She thought it would be amusing to go in as a family, and have people think about our "blended" family.

We took the bus down, and went to the Disney store to kill a little time. We didn't buy anything. My nephew loves balls. He has liked various balls since he was an infant. I was under orders to buy no balls so he can't hit my mother with them.

We met Jen and went to lunch. Later, I asked the kids if they liked Jen, and they did. But later they confessed that they thought she was thin with dark hair, I thought they had said skin, but they said hair.

So we get to the restaurant and the kids have a grilled cheese sandwich, one with bacon, one with ham, and they exchange halves. When we leave, Jen explains industrial design to my niece, in the form of a MetroCard holder.

When we get to MoMA, I find that the redesign is for the better. It's a lot more open space and easier to get in. Jen's job gets us in for free, well me and Jen, the kids don't have to pay. Her idea was to go top down, and it worked pretty well. The kids were, as best I can tell, fascinated with some of the art. I let them look at the paintings up close and make up their own minds.

Jen and I explained some of the pictures to them, and let them explore on their own.

The kids pose in front of Warhol

The kids look at more art

One thing they were fascinated by was this hideous model of a proposed new WTC. Ugly? Shit yeah. But they liked the little people in the architectural model.

We walked down, looking at various art, and the new exhibits and the kids were taking it all in. Although, I think my nephew was waiting for the NBA store, which was part of the deal.

MoMA's redesign is pretty interesting, it's a pretty easy flow downwards with lots of open space.

Afterwards, we went down into the garden. It's has a wonderful view of the building.

The museum from the garden

After the kids talked to my mother, and Jen checked in with hers, we went to the MoMA design store. I bought my sister ceramic cups based on the ubiquitous NY paper cup. I thought they would find it amusing. It was, of course, $12 a piece. But as a bit of New York, it's really cool and something only New Yorkers would get.

I picked up a really cool case for my glasses as well. But when I saw a $40 mini bag, I was a bit taken aback.

We went to the Donnell library next door, so Jen could renew a book and the kids took a reading break.

Afterwards, we went to the NBA Store. My nephew loves the NBA. So he loved the store. I bought my niece a shirt which said "NBA girl" and my nephew a Ben Wallace jersey. I thought he was a Wizards fan, but I guess that wasn't cool enough for him. So he got the home Pistons jersey with Wallace on the back. He had wanted a Jordan UNC Jersey, but at $5o, nope. get it off eBay for his birthday or something. Then my niece asked for socks for the bear that she made. And I would have gotten them, if they weren't eight dollars. Jen said "I don't pay eight dollars for the socks I wear to work." But eight dollars for baby socks for a teddy bear? No.

But then, Jen proposed a deal. We go to the NBA store, then Sephora. Which I agreed to. Of course, Jen had no use for the NBA store. The only complaint my nephew had was that there was no NFL store to go to. I got a Knicks shirt, no Jersey. You don't want to see me in a jersey.

As we walked to Sephora, we went into the American Girl Place. The dolls are $87 apiece. Luckily my niece was horrified by the prices there.

Then we went to Sephora.

My nephew and I were, well, males in Sephora. Jen said they sell men's stuff there. I thought that stuff was for women to buy for men. My nephew did not look happy. My niece and Jen were looking at the free samples and quite happy. They're both quite girlie.

Then we went to Amy Ruth's for dinner. Jen, my nephew and I ordered chicken and waffles, my niece had chicken fingers and fries. Oddly enough, Jen took my niece to the bathroom and the staff was wondering what the fuck was up. Which amused me. The food there is incredible. I brought my mother the same things. For five dinners, it was only $61 overrall, which isn't bad.

The place was packed when we came in, on a Wed. night. With locals. Which was a good sign forf food quality.

But it was nice to eat in a place where the food tastes like the food people fix at home. The only thing missing was red rice. But otherwise, the food was awesome. The chicken, the waffles, the sides. Jen wants us to take her mother there, and was rather emphatic about it.

So I guess we'll be eating there again.

posted by Steve @ 1:30:00 AM

1:30:00 AM

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