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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, July 24, 2005

Five to the head

Ooops, sorry about that execution in the

John Gibson is unhinged as Atrios points out.

Five in the Noggin

What is also good is the Brit police tactics that we saw at work in the subway Friday morning. The tackle and kill team is incredible, if for no other reason than their bravery. Can you imagine the job of those cops? Tackle the guy wearing a vest bomb and hope your colleague is right behind with the gun to put five bullets in the noggin before he sets off the bomb.

Turns out he didn't have a bomb, and turns out he wasn't one of the four bombers Thursday. And if it turns out ultimately that he had nothing to do with anything, no doubt there will be hell to pay. But the police say he was linked to the terror probe, so let's wait and see.

Meantime, got to admire the cojones of those Brit cops to go after him like that. All of this trumps any of my other complaints that the Brits weren't making the right noises about fighting terror. They like to go about things a bit more quietly than us. Not my style, but okay, fine -- as long as they get the five in the noggin of the right bomber boy. They do that and I'm fine.

So for the moment, alls well. Just catch the four bombers. Five in the noggin is fine. Don't complain that sounds barbaric. We're fighting barbaric

Except this man was innocent. He had no bomb. Was no threat to anyone and may well be judged to have been murdered by the police, if they were the police and not a Special Forces team. We don't know who killed this man or why they thought he was killed.

Remember, the British used the Army in policing in Northern Ireland. In such a crisis situation, this could have happened again. Because shooting someone five times in the head is a bit much to stop them. Something went very, very wrong. And until there is an investigation, we have no idea who did the shooting. During the Troubles, the British Army deployed Detachnment 14 (Det 14), pulled from all branches and arms, paras, SAS,. SBS, RMP, to work with police units. Given the level of fear, another such deployment is not impossible.

No one much cares if an SAS/SBS team or the Met Police shoot a bomber in the act of setting a bomb off, but Gibson, who must beat off to Rambo movies, is an absolute idiot. It's only a matter of time before he slips up and says some horribly stupid racist thing and loses his job. Because he's just a fucking moron. This is life and death, and personally, catching a bomber alive is a good thing. Why? Intelligence, something Gibson is quite unfamiliar with.

posted by Steve @ 2:41:00 AM

2:41:00 AM

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