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Comments by YACCS
Friday, July 08, 2005

The break Bin Laden got

Two soldiers unable to hunt Bin Laden and friends

Here is a list of all our units in Iraq.

Every unit here is one not deployed to Afghanistan

455th Chemical Task Force [455th Chemical BDE, ISG] ~ 1,350
30th Military History Det.
142nd Military Intelligence BN

Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT) ~ 3,700
U/I Special Forces Units
3rd BN, 5th Special Forces Group
304th Civil Affairs BDE FOB Champion Base
354th Civil Affairs BDE

Special Operations Task Force 56
U/I EOD Units
10th Special Forces Group ~1,000

Third United States Army [ARCENT]

Combined Forces Land Component Command [CFLCC] 100 Camp Arifjan
317th Quartermaster Bn Camp Doha
62nd Medical Brigade ~800 Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq
3rd Medical Command
4th Psychological Operations Grp
9th Psychological Operations BN
3rd Personnel Command
Coalition/Joint Task Force - Kuwait

ARCENT - Kuwait
Combat Equipment BN - KW
Det. 831st Transportation BN 11

ARCENT - Qatar
Combat Equipment BN - Qatar
Det. 831st Transportation BN 11

ARCENT - Saudi Arabia
7th Transportation Group ~ 950 Camp Arifjan
6th Transportation BN (elements) ~150 Camp Arifjan
10th Transportation BN (elements) Attached to other unit ~ 480
24th Transportation BN (elements) Attached to other unit ~145
230th Area Support Group Kuwait
377th Theater Support Command ~ 320 Camp Doha
335th Theater Signal Command
67th Signal BN ~ 600
7th Signal BDE
319th Signal BN ~300 Kuwait
160th Signal BDE Camp Arifjan
25th Signal BN Qatar
54th Signal BN

Multi-National Corps - Iraq 140,000
143rd Area Support Group 90
411th Engineer Brigade Baghdad
1st BN, 339th Regiment, 7th BDE, 84th Div.
86th Combat Support Hospital
228th Combat Support Hospital ~150 Tikrit/Mosul
115th Field Hospital (elements) ~300 Camp Taqaddum
129th Corps Support Battalion
357th Corps Support BN Tallil AB
434th Main Support Bn, B Co ~250
1836th Transportation Co 600
106th Transportation BN Camp Navistar
144th Transportation Bn 150
414th Transportation BN
95th Military Police BN Balad/Baghdad
105th Military Police BN 175(?) Camp Bucca
716th Military Police Battalion
111th Signal BN ~75(?)
113th Engineer BN ~500 Mosul
224th Engineering BN 500 Ar Ramadi
264th Engineer BN FOB Speicher, Tikrit
386th Engineer BN 350 Camp Caldwell
411th Engineer Combat BN ~400-540 Baghdad Area
458th Engineer BN Baghdad IAP
891st Engineer BN ~500 Tallil AB
980th Engineer BN Camp Cooke
983rd Engineer BN (Combat) (Heavy) ~630
2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment
1st BN, 102nd Field Artillery 150[+27 in rear(Kuwait?)]
1st BN, 119th Field Artillery 150+
1st BN, 151st Field Artillery ~330 Baghdad
1st BN, 178th Field Artillery 635 S. Iraq
2nd BN, 130th Field Artillery 350 Camp Victory, Baghdad
1st BN, 258th Field Artillery Baghdad/Camp Kalsu
1st BN, 263rd Air Defense Artillery
1st BN, 102nd Infantry[part of unit] 40 Baghdad outskirts
2nd BN, 172nd Armor Rgt ~600 Kuwait
1st Battalion, 194th Armor ~150
3rd BN, 3rd Aviation Regiment AH-64 Iraq via Camp Buehring, KW
4th Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment late-09/04 to 01/05
2nd Bn, 101st Aviation Regiment
B Co, 1st BN, 126th Aviation Regiment 200 8 UH-60
1st BN, 151st Aviation Regiment 275 AH-64
1st Battalion, 245th Aviation ~100
297th Military Intelligence BN 150
5th Civil Affairs Group Camp Fallujah
36th Engineer Group 1,800
13th Corps Support BN 120+
598th Maintenance Co 150
98th Division (Institutional Training) 700+

XVIII Airborne Corps 7,500-8,000
18th Airborne Corps Artillery
44th Medical Command
18th Aviation Brigade
20th Engineer Brigade
35th Signal Brigade
16th Military Police Brigade
525th Military Intelligence Brigade
18th Soldier Support Group

1st Corps Support Command LSA Anaconda
181st Transportation BN
3625th Maintenance Co LSA Anaconda
339th Military Police Co LSA Anaconda
226th Medical Logistics BN LSA Anaconda
43rd Area Support Group ~1,800
68th Corps Support BN
167th Area Support Group
172nd Area Support Group
300th Area Support Group
593rd Corps Support Group

1st Medical BDE
785th Medical Co LSA Anaconda
31st Combat Support Hospital 300 LSA Anaconda
301st Combat Support Hospital (??) LSA Anaconda
2nd Medical BDE

Command Element, III Corps ~ 250
228th Engineer Co
937th Engineer Group
541st Corps Support BN/Maintenance BN Log Base Seitz
924th Military Police BN
147th Field Artillery BDE 900
1st BN, 147th Field Artillery ~400
504th Military Intelligence BDE
15th Military Intelligence BN (Aerial Exploitation)
303rd Military Intelligence BN
16th Military Police BDE
351st Military Police Co
3rd Military Police BN
519th Military Police BN
89th Military Police BDE Baghdad
759th Military Police BN Camp Muleskinner

2nd Armored Cavalry Rgt
1st Squadron
2nd Squadron
3rd Squadron
4th Squadron
Support Sq

56th Brigade Combat Team, 36th Infantry Division 2,944
1st BN, 112th Armor
2nd BN, 112th Armor
3rd BN, 112th Armor
4th BN, 112th Armor
143d Infantry Det. (LRS)
111th Engr BN

29th Infantry Brigade ~3,600 Kuwait, then LSA Anaconda
2nd BN, 299th Infantry
1st BN, 487th Field Artillery
29th Support BN
1st BN, 184th Infantry ~700
100th BN, 442nd Infantry

81st Armor Brigade (Separate) ~ 4,500 LSA Anaconda
D Co, 216th Air Defense Artillery Baghdad IAP
281st Military Intelligence Co
Troop E, 303rd Cavalry Camp Doha
1st BN, 303rd Armor Rgt ~400 Camp Victory South
1st BN, 161st Infantry Rgt FOB Gunner
898th Engineer BN
181st Support BN LSA Anaconda

155th Armored BDE (Separate) 4,015
Headquarters 276
Troop A, 98th Cavalry 171
1st BN, 198th Armor REGT 501
2nd BN, 198th Armor REGT 501
1st BN, 155th Infantry REGT 701
2nd BN, 114th Field Artillery REGT 607
150th Engineer BN 330
106th Support BN 718
255th Military Intelligence Co 42
Company C, 212th Signal BN
Company B1st BN, 172nd Armor Rgt

Task Force Ironhorse 4,000
5th Engineer BN (MECH) 500
elements, 13th Corps Support Command 3,000
180th Transportation BN
782nd Main Support Ban
555th Engineer Group Camp Speicher
21st Theater Support Command
51st Maintenance BN

Task Force Olympia

Task Force Olympia [I Corps] ~ 10,000
917th Corps Support Group FOB Endurance
1225th Corps Support BN/818th Maint. Co. FOB Endurance
116th Rear Area Operations Center FOB Endurance
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment 1,500
2nd Squadron, 11th ACR
1st BN, 151st Aviation Mosul
67th Combat Support Hospital Mosul
426th Civil Affairs BN Mosul
204th Engineer BN (elements) Camp Marez
2nd BN, 390th Infantry
3rd BN, 21st Infantry Mosul

1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division 4,000 ~300 Strykers Camp Marez
1st BN, 5th Infantry "Bobcats" Camp Marez
1st BN, 24th Infantry "Deuce Four" Camp Marez
2nd BN, 14th Cavalry Camp Marez
2nd BN, 8th Field Artillery "Automatic" FOB Endurance
17th Corps Support BN ~250 Mosul
25th FSB

Task Force Baghdad
1st Squadron, 11th ACR Camp Solidarity/Gunslinger
1st BN, 69th Infantry REGT 700 Camp Liberty

3rd Infantry Division
2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division
1st BN, 64th Armor
1st BN, 9th Field Artillery
3rd BN, 15th Infantry
3rd BN, 7th Cavalry
4th BN, 6th Cavalry
26th Forward Support BN
Brigade Special Troops BN

4th Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division
3rd BN, 7th Infantry
4th BN, 64th Armor
Troop F, 2-278th RCT [attached to 4-64 AR]
6th BN, 8th Cavalry
1st BN, 76th Field Artillery
703rd Brigade Support BN
4th Special Troops BN

3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division ~2,700
1st BN, 41st Infantry
1st BN, 13th Armor
2nd BN, 70th Armor
4th BN, 1st Field Artillery
70th Engineer BN
125th Forward Support BN
C/1-4 ADA
596th SIG Co

256th Brigade ~3,700 Camp Victory North/Al Tahreer
2-156th Infantry
3-156th Infantry
1-156th Armor
1-141st Field Artillery ~400-600
1088th ENG BN
199th Support BN

10th Mountain Division
10th Aviation Brigade
3rd Sq, 17th Cavalry REGT FOB Endurance
264th Corps Support BN [Logistics TF 264]
548th Corps Support BN

2nd BDE, 10th Mountain Division ~2,000
B Co, 10th Signal BN
U/I Co, 110th Military Intelligence BN
2nd BN, 14th Infantry REGT Baghdad
4th BN, 31st Infantry REGT
2nd BN, 15th Field Artillery REGT
210th Forward Support BN
1st BN (A BN), 509th Infantry (A & B Co)
1st BN, 41st Infantry ~900 Camp Victory North
2nd BN, 325th Airborne Infantry 82nd A BN Div. [Attached] ~750

1st Cavalry Division [To leave Iraq/Transferred TF Baghdad authority to 3rd ID] ~ 17,500 Camp Victory North
443rd Civil Affairs BN Cp / LSA Anaconda
767th Ordnance Company, 63rd Ordnance BN, 52nd Ordnance Group
878th Engineer BN
1st Battalion, 103rd Field Artillery
4th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery
1st BN, 108th Infantry
350th Civil Affairs Command Baghdad
478th Civil Affairs BN Baghdad
1st BCT, 1st Cavalry Division
2nd BN, 5th Cavalry Rgt Camp Eagle
2nd BN, 8th Cavalry Rgt Camp Cuervo
2nd BCT, 1st Cavalry Division 3,500 Camp Victory, Baghdad
1st BN, 5th Cavalry Rgt
1st BN, 8th Cavalry Rgt Camp Ferrin-Huggins
2nd BN, 12th Cavalry Rgt
3rd BCT, 1st Cavalry Division 3,000 Camp Warrior
2nd BN, 7th Cavalry Rgt Camp Taji
3rd BN, 8th Cavalry Rgt Baghdad Green Zone
1st BN, 9th Cavalry Rgt FOB Headhunter
8th Engineer BN
312th Military Intelligence BN Camp Victory
3rd BN, 325th Airborne Infantry 82nd A BN Div. [Attached] ~750
4th BDE, 1st Cavalry Division - Aviation Brigade
1st BN, 7th Cavalry REGT
1st BN, 227th Aviation REGT
1 BN, 25th Aviation REGT
5th Brigade Combat Team
DIVARTY, 1st Cavalry Division
1st BN, 21st Field Artillery Rgt
1st BN, 82nd Field Artillery Rgt
3rd BN, 82nd Field Artillery Rgt
DISCOM, 1st Cavalry Division
15th Forward Support BN [2 BCT]
115th Forward Support BN [1 BCT]
215th Forward Support BN [3 BCT]
Engineer BDE, 1st Cavalry Division
20th Engineer BN [1 BCT]
91st Engineer BN [2 BCT]
39th Infantry Brigade (eHSB) (Light) 4,200 Balad, Camp Victory, Camp Cooke,

Camp Taji
1st BN, 153rd Infantry Rgt Camp Warrior
2nd BN, 153rd Infantry Rgt
3rd BN, 153rd Infantry Rgt Camp Gunslinger
1st BN, 206th Field Artillery Rgt
39th Support BN
2nd BN, 162nd Infantry 700 Camp Cooke/PB Volunteer
28th Signal BN

Task Force Danger [Transitions to TF Liberty]
579th Engineer BN
748th Explosive Ordnance Det
415th Civil Affairs BN Cp / LSA Anaconda
1st Infantry Division [Mechanized] ~ 1,800 Tikrit
Headquarters Camp Udairi, KW
101st Military Intelligence Battalion Shadow 200 FOB Warhorse
121st Signal BN
82nd Engineer BN
701st Maintenance Support BN
601st Aviation Support BN
2nd BDE, 1st Infantry Division
1st BN, 18th Infantry Rgt Tikrit
1st BN, 26th Infantry Rgt
1st BN, 77th Armor Rgt
3rd BDE, 1st Infantry Division Camp Warhorse
1st BN, 63rd Armor Rgt
2nd BN, 63rd Armor Rgt
Co B, 2nd BN, 2nd Infantry Rgt
1st BN, 6th Field Artillery Rgt
201st Forward Support BN
411th Civil Affairs BN Tikrit
DIVARTY, 1st Infantry Division
1st BN, 33rd Field Artillery REGT
Task Force Liberty

42nd Infantry Division ~23,000
184th Ordnance Battalion BN 23 +~200 assigned Based near BIAP
79th Ordnance BN
1st BN, 163rd Infantry ~700 Samarra
1st Squadron, 17th Cavalry ~300 3 OH-58D
elements, 1st BN, 101st Cavalry REGT 150
50th Main Support BN 900
152nd Engineer BN 150
642nd Aviation Support BN 120
5th Squadron, 117th Cavalry
642nd Military Intelligence BN FOB Danger
250th Signal BN FOB Danger

1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division
2nd BN, 7th Infantry Tikrit
3rd BN, 69th Armor
1st BN, 41st Field Artillery
3rd Forward Support BN
5th BN, 7th Cavalry
Brigade Troop Battalion

3rd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division ~4,000 Baqubah
1st BN, 15th Infantry
1st BN, 30th Infantry
2nd BN, 69th Armor
203rd Forward Support BN
1st BN, 10th Field Artillery
3rd Brigade Troop Battalion

278th Armored Cavalry REGT 4,000+ Camp Caldwell/Diyala Province
1st Sq
2nd Sq
3rd Sq
4th Sq
Support Sq
134th Signal BN

1st BN, 128th Infantry Rgt [attached] 680
386th Combat Engineer Battalion [attached]
116th Cavalry Brigade ~ 4,300 M1A1
APCs Kirkuk
2-116 Armored Cavalry BN
3-116 Armored Cavalry BN ~350
1-148th Field Artillery BN
116th Engineer BN
F Bty 1-188th ADA BN ~100

2nd BN, 14th Marine
1st BN, 23rd Marine 900(?)
2nd BN, 24th Marine 900 S. of Baghdad
4th Combat Engineer BN, 4th MARDIV
Marine Wing Communications Squadron 28 Al Asad AB
30th Naval Construction Regiment Camp Fallujah
15th Marine Expeditionary Unit ~2,100
1st Battalion, 1st Marines (1/1)
Medium Helicopter Squadron 165 (REIN) 12 - CH-46
4 - CH-53E
3 - UH-1N
4 - AH-1W
6 - AV-8
15th MEU Service Support Group

II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) ~20,000
2nd Reconnaissance BN
3rd Battalion, 8th Marine
2nd Marine Division Camp Blue Diamond
2nd Combat Engineer BN, 2nd MARDIV, II MEF
2nd Tank BN
3rd BN, 2nd Marine ~850 Camp Al Qaim
3rd BN, 4th Marine
1st BN, 5th Marine ~1,000 Ar Ramadi
1st BN, 6th Marine Camp Baharia
5th BN, 10th Marine

I Marine Expeditionary Force ~ 25,000 Camp Fallujah
1st Marine Division FOB Blue Diamond
9th Communications BN
2nd BN, 11th Marine
1st Light Armored Reconnaissance BN
1st Combat Engineer BN
elements, 1st Intelligence BN
elements, 8th Communication BN
elements, 9th Communication BN
elements, 3rd Radio BN
1st Force Reconnaissance Co
1st Air & Naval Gunfire Liaison Co
9th Communications Battalion
Combat Service Support BN 1
Combat Service Support BN 7 Al Asad
element, 3rd Low Altitude Air Defense BN
Company B, 4th Reconnaissance Bn, 4th MARDIV 70
2nd BN, 2nd Marine REGT Camp Zadan
2nd BN, 5th Marine REGT
3rd Battalion, 5th Marines Camp Baharia
4th BN, 14th Marine REGT Al-Asad Airbase
elements, 2nd LAR BN
3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance BN

2nd BDE, 2nd Infantry Division [ATTACHED] ~ 3,600 Camp Aramadi
B Btry, 5th BN, 5th Air Defense Artillery
1st BN, 503rd Infantry REGT (AA)
1st BN, 506th Infantry REGT (AA) Camp Manhattan
1st BN, 9th Infantry REGT
2nd BN, 72nd Armor
2nd BN, 17th Field Artillery REGT
2nd Forward Support BN
44th Engineer BN Camp Manhattan
1st Marine REGT
7th Marine REGT / Regimental Combat Team 7
element, 1st Tank BN
Co C, 2nd Amphibious Assault BN Camp Ripper
1st BN, 7th Marine REGT 900 Al Qaim
2nd BN, 7th Marine REGT 900
3rd BN, 7th Marine REGT 900 Al Qaim
3rd BN, 11th Marine REGT
1st Force Service Support Group Camp Taqaddum
Combat Service Support Battalion 1
Combat Service Support Battalion 7
Combat Service Support Group-15

2nd Marine Logistics Brigade (Forward) / 2nd FSSG 4,000+ (250 HQ element) Camp Taqaddum
U/I Combat Logistics BN
U/I Combat Logistics BN
2nd BN, 112th Armor, 36th Infantry
Transportation Co, 2nd Transportation Support BN
elements, 2nd Maintenance BN
elements, 2nd Supply BN
elements, 2nd Medical BN
elements, 8th Engineer Support BN
2nd Military Police BN
4th Force Service Support Group
6th Communications BN, 4th Force Service Support Group
6th Engineer Support BN, 4th Force Service Support Group

4th Marine Aircraft Wing
Marine Wing Support Group 47, 4th MAW

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing
Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 2 Al Asad AB
Marine Air Support Sq 1
Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 142 F/A-18A+ Al Asad AB
Marine Aircraft Group 26 Al Asad AB
Marine Light/Attack Helicopter Squadron-167 UH-1N
NTS AH-1W Al Asad AB
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-261 CH-46E (SR&M) Al Asad AB
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-264 CH-46E Al Asad AB
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-266 CH-46E Al Asad AB
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron-461 CH-53E Al Asad AB
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron-26 Al Asad AB
Marine Air Control Group 28
Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Sq 2
Marine Air Control Sq 2
2nd Low Altitude Air Defense BN
Marine Wing Support Group 27
Marine Wing Support Sq 272
Marine Wing Support Sq 273
Marine Aircraft Group 14
Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 252 KC-130J Al Asad AB

3rd Marine Aircraft Wing ~7,500 Camp Fallujah
Marine Attack Squadron 311

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