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Comments by YACCS
Friday, June 24, 2005

The turning point

This has been the worst week of the war.

Not in terms of the number of people killed or the battles, but the fact that people are beginning to realize what depths the US has sunk to. The White House can back Rove's play as much as they want, but in the end, it was stupid and vulgar, but more importantly, reflects the growing sense that people are turning against the war.

When people say a draft army would have prevented this, they missed Vietnam. What a draft would have done is turn a moral choice into a legal choice. Now people resist the military in the most effective way possible, saying no.

Instead, Americans are refusing to fight Bush's war and they know it. They have to bribe enlistees.

What DOD doesn't get is that their sales pitches are being held in the kind of centempt once reserved for used car salesmen.

They no longer trust them to care for their kids.

What I am not worried about is the spate of GOP attacks on liberals saying they're against the war.

My reply is simple: are you planning to enlist or encourage others to do so? No? Then you're sending other people out to die for what you believe in and not joining them. Anmd that is cowardice.

What I am worried about is this: A US base commander was asked about the loss of two Kiowas outside his base. His officers thought they may have been shot down from a nearby grove. But he said he couldn't be sure, because they don't go out there that often.

At first I read it and said, ok. Then I realized what he was really saying. He doesn't have enough men to do basic perimeter security. Those Halliburton contractors can't be formed into a security platoon and sent out there. They cannot protect their own perimeter. The guerrillas can walk up to the gates and kill Americans and cannot be stopped. That is truly scary. Perimeter security is both inside and outside the base. They don't have the men to do half the job.

Karl Rove's nonsense will be washed away by outrage and events. Those commanders will get no more troops.

That is what worries me, and when that sinks in, our adventure in Iraq will come to a close.

posted by Steve @ 3:47:00 AM

3:47:00 AM

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