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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Please save our friend

Please don't send Matt to jail. Judy? Fuck her.

This is truly odious.

DON'T SEND MATT COOPER TO PRISON... .............The special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, is expected to request the two go to jail immediately.

Charles Peters, founding editor of The Washington Monthly, has written this item, which speaks for all of us at the magazine:

Matthew Cooper is threatened with jail for refusing to reveal a source. The special prosecutor does not have to recommend jail, and even if he does recommend it, the judge can ignore it. Although we believe Matt is right in refusing to identify his source, that is not the argument that we make here. Our concern is to keep him out of jail. Matt is not only a fine reporter, he is a caring husband and father, a kind and thoughtful friend, and an all-round good citizen. And he has a marvelous sense of humor. Wait a minute, what relevance does his sense of humor have, you ask. Unlike many who share his comic gift, Matt laughs at himself. He is incapable of the self-righteousness that seeks martyrdom. If the prosecutor and judge can approach this case in the same spirit without self-righteousness, they will see that even if they disagree with Matt, he has good reason for taking his stand. There is a total absence of criminal intent on his part. He should not be put in jail. Criminals belong in jail, not Matthew Cooper. How about house arrest for a month?or, even better, a week? That way, the authorities can be loyal to their principle while respecting Matt's loyalty to his.

Hey, was Cooper asleep in J-school? He knew it could come to this. So why does Vanessa Leggett, who never drew a day's salary at a big newspaper, go to jail like a woman and didn't even think about breaking her word. And a lot of people were eager to claim she wasn't a journalist.

You shouldn't say a fucking word to the judge. If Cooper keeps his mouth shut, he should be proud to go to jail. He should do his time with pride. A week, a month? Fuck that. Six months like anyone else and he should be man enough not to grovel for a favor. If he believes he's doing the right thing, he should march off to jail and keep his mouth shut. Of course, there is the matter of abetting treason, but shit, he's known the score since he first drank beer. Jail is part of the package. All this whining is unseemly.

But Charlie Peters should be ashamed of himself. Judy Miller didn't even write about this. And while a jail sentence will stop her from helping her neocon friends, Miller didn't even file on this. So if anyone deserves less time, it's her, no matter how odious she is. Roxanne pointed this out and she's kinda right about this.

But the fact is that journalism is no shield for abetting treason and that is what is going on here. Valerie Plame was a nuclear proliferation expert in Central Asia. For petty political reasons, her cover was exposed. Miller and Cooper are aiding people who made this country less safe. I understand their reasons. But it seems Charlie Peters would rather protect a friend than deal with what he did.

posted by Steve @ 12:17:00 AM

12:17:00 AM

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